Twilight Star Jackson Rathbone in Plane Scare

Twilight star Jackson Rathbone was recently involved in a frightening plane scare, in which the plane’s engine exploded and the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing. The incident occurred on Thursday, when the actor and his family were on their way to Texas.

The 29-year-old took to WhoSay to detail the flight’s malfunction, right from the moment the JetBlue plane’s engine combusted. His post detailed the fear both he and his family as well as the rest of the passengers experienced during the scare, especially when the oxygen masks failed to deploy on their own once smoke began filling the cabin. The flight attendant reportedly had to release the masks manually, and Rathbone says one passenger was taken to hospital upon landing for shortness of breath. The Singapore-born actor was reportedly so worried about the plane’s possible demise that he held his wife and son close to him and began praying upon the aircraft’s decent. When the plane eventually made a safe landing, Rathbone decided his personal belongings stowed in the plane were not of great importance, choosing to exit the aircraft via the inflatable slide rather than request his items be returned to him.

Rathbone is not the only one out of the flight’s 142 passengers to give his account of the event. Fellow passenger Dean Delbaugh told ABC News that he knew something was wrong about ten minutes into the flight, after he heard what he referred to as a weird pop, followed by a vibration in his seat and a foul odor. He says this was followed by smoke billowing out of the air vents, leading to the cabin being filled with smoke in approximately ten to 15 seconds. He added that the pilot warned passengers that they should brace themselves as the Airbus A320 descended to the ground. He ended his interview by breathing a sigh of relief that everyone on plane was alright, and that the incident had only lasted a few minutes before they were safely back on the ground. The flight took off for Dallas at 9:17am, and completed its emergency landing at 9:30am.

Although Rathbone was not harmed in this incident, plane accidents have injured or claimed the life of many other celebrities in the past. One of the most tragic incidences of this is that of Aaliyah, who many referred to as the Princess of R&B, and who died in a horrific plane crash in 2001 that killed all eight people on board. The crash was reportedly the fault of the pilot, who was allegedly under the influence of cocaine and also no longer possessed the proper authority to fly such an aircraft. American DJ Adam Goldstein, better known by his moniker of DJ AM, barely survived a 2008 plane crash in which both crew members and two other passengers were killed, which ended in critical injury for both him and frequent collaborator Travis Barker. The two recovered from their injuries, although only Barker went on to continue his life for more than the next year. In 2009, Goldstein was found dead in his New York City apartment from an apparently drug overdose. There was some speculation that he began using so heavily in order to cope with the psychological trauma of the plane crash, but no concrete evidence was ever presented to support this theory.

Twilight star Jackson Rathbone is reportedly very grateful that he and his family made it through the plane scare. He has since taken to other social media websites to thank his fans for their concern following the incident.

by Rebecca Grace

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