Tim Tebow Finds New Team Away From Football


Tim Tebow has found an audience of support and opportunity outside of football and the NFL. Through his stage of polarizing play with the Denver Broncos, the ex-quarterback has been able to share other parts of his life, such as his touted religion and motivational skills, with a wide audience. He has also been building and finding inspirational stories in his free time, opting to seek out and comfort those that are fans of his and seem to need support the most. Even with his football days behind, he still harkens back to the infamous posing phase that swept the nation and helped lend to his popularity.

A.B.C’s popular morning show Good Morning America will be bringing Tebow onto the cast starting very soon. His purpose there will be to star in a new segment called “Motivate Me Mondays,” which, according to the broadcasting giant, will offer “amazing stories of triumph” from individuals across the country. Their new anchor will be both in and out of the studio for this segment, with Tebow “coming live from towns across America” on occasion with people and stories to inspire viewers. It is unclear how much time will be devoted to this segment or if there will be a dedicated time slot for these stories.

Tim Tebow actually joined this same team during the biggest football event of the year back in February. He served as a guest host for Good Morning America during Super Bowl week, bringing insight and impressing the bosses enough to snag this position months later. His debut on the show will be Sept. 15, where he will share his first motivational story sometime between 7:00 and 9:00 am EST.

The charismatic man has already been out looking for inspirational stories and people to help. It has been no secret that the former Heisman winner loves charity and helping those in need, which is part of the reason he traveled to be with Deven Jackson. A 10-year-old resident of Perry County, PA, Jackson lost both of his legs to a rare illness three years ago and is now attempting to play football in a midget league. The new host visited the boy and his family and spent the whole day just hanging out with them and tossing a football in preparation for his Good Morning America debut.

This visit was also to bring awareness to the $10,000 funding needed for special equipment that would allow this boy to play in that league. Information on how to donate will be a part of the story for Good Morning America. Local residents interested can go to the Bank of Landisburg and ask for the fund by the child’s name.

The former quarterback being able to step away from football and gain this position is due, in large part, to his popularity and one of his most popular moves branded as “Tebowing.” He is currently attempting to begin a similar trend that involves a certain sleeping position at work called “Finebauming.” Named after the man caught sleeping, this craze has not seemed to catch quite as much. Tebow, though, looks to keep that and many of his other trends alive.

By Myles Gann

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  1. Chris   September 12, 2014 at 10:59 am

    Good for him, more power to him!

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