World Gone Wild by David J Moore A to Z of Post Apocalyptic Films

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World Gone Wild by David J Moore A to Z of Post Apocalyptic Films

World Gone Wild by David J. Moore is an A to Z collection of post apocalyptic films from a man who clearly loves the genre. Subtitled A Survivor’s Guide to Post Apocalyptic Movies this book is a must for fans of these type of films, or even television shows. In his 12 page introduction Moore explains what got him hooked on the genre, essentially the same things that get most people hooked. The main difference is that the writer tracked down every example of “end of the world as we know it” films he could find. The search also included small screen versions of tales about after the apocalypse and Moore has included them all.

Another feature of this inclusive look at the world after its various versions of end of days with its different types of survivors, are the interviews that were painstakingly conducted with the creators of quite a number of the films. Talking to Neil Marshall – 2008 Doomsday starring Rhona Mitra, Bob Hoskins, Malcolm McDowell and the always gorgeous and talented MyAnna Buring – about his cinematic love letter to Mad Max and the genre, Moore shows that he can ask the questions that not only he himself would like the answers to, but what fans want to know.

Sticking with the D’s for the moment, this part of the alphabet shows just how thorough David has been in his determination to introduce the potential, and existing, fan to all those disastrous apocalyptic visions. Moore includes all three of the British classic horror/science fiction films of The Day of the Triffids. This “giant-plants-take-over-the-world” (in England anyway) started in 1963 as a film, was turned into a television series (six episodes) in 1981 and redone as a two part mini-series in 2009. Moore looks at each one and references who put the projects out in terms of distribution. For those that are interested, 1963 is Second Sight Films, 1981 BBC DVD, and 2009 Showbox Home Entertainment.

World Gone Wild, David J. Moore’s long loving look at all post apocalyptic films running from A to Z is a book that will keep the film buff engrossed for days. Literally hundreds of films were researched and watched by Moore who broke the films down into those he found interview worthy and those that were not. To show just how thorough the writer was in his chosen subject there is even a section devoted to “Post Apocalyptic Sub Genres” at the end of the book. 45 pages of titles that begin with Aliens and end with Zombies, this additional information for the devoted fan is followed by an Interview Index.

The author speaks to the creators of more than just the popular “mainstream” films. He also interviews the people involved with films that are less known and some of which enter eclectic territory, or at the very least can be classified as experimental. That is the brilliance of this collection. Like the true fan and devotee of such films as the 2007 Black Pearl – one of those eclectic films mentioned above – as well as Mad Max and hidden classics like the 1983 film Stryker, Moore takes the time to see what is behind the cinematic vision as presented by the directors and writers of such bleak but compelling and addictive films.

It should be pointed out that David Moore also includes webisodes from the Internet, like 2010’s 10,000 Days – a 12 segment series consisting of 10 minute glimpses into a world that is struggling to survive being plunged into a second ice age. It is this attention to the smaller, lesser known projects that focus on a post apocalyptic world that makes the collection of films presented by the author much more than a cinematic coffee table book. These more eclectic non mainstream features compliment the more popular blockbuster films like The Hunger Games and I am Legend.

This A to Z guide of post apocalyptic films by David J. Moore, World Gone Wild is published by Schiffer Publishing and can be found at, Barnes & Noble and other bookselling establishments. For the film fan who adores post apocalyptic films, whether they be of the Mad Max ilk nor not, this is a real gem of a book. Introducing the reader to a plethora of films in this genre that the film goer might never have heard of, but will enjoy watching after learning of their existence. Cinephiles will enjoy this collection of movies and interviews as much as the hard core apocalyptic film fan. Moore is a freelance film journalist who has traveled to “film sets” all over the world. No cinematic library can be considered complete without this brilliant guide.

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World Gone Wild: A Survivor’s Guide To Post-apocalyptic Movies 2014 Schiffer Publishing

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