Former ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ Star Allegedly Threatens Patron With Knife

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Former Kitchen Nightmares star Samy Bouzaglo allegedly threatened to kill a restaurant patron with a knife, all while chasing him out of his restaurant, Amy’s Baking Company. The incident in question reportedly went down on Saturday afternoon on the date of September 27, 2014.

The person who filmed the video, who has not yet revealed themselves to be paparazzi or a regular member of the public, says that an inebriated patron was dining at the venue, located at Scottsdale, Arizona, when restaurant namesake Amy Bouzaglo became infuriated with his behavior and demanded he leave the premises immediately. The man obliged without any fuss, but was subsequently chased down by Bouzaglo’s husband on his way out the door, allegedly brandishing a knife and telling the customer he was going to kill him with it. In the video, the male Kitchen Nightmares star can clearly be heard asking his wife to move out the way in order for him to better reach the customer, more specifically screaming at her to let him. Upon both his wife’s insistence, and the camera person convincing him that indefinite jail time was in no way worth the vengeance for whatever the customer did, Bouzaglo backed off and made his way back into the restaurant. Somewhat incomprehensibly, however, his wife began throwing a fit of her own and yelling after the customer that he was a coward, all the while being pulled back into the restaurant by her husband. Both husband and wife have since denied the suggestion that the weapon brandished was a knife, but rather claim it was nothing more than a mere pen.

This is not the first time that the Kitchen Nightmares couple has gotten involved in a public display of drama. Kitchen Nightmares’ Gordon Ramsay famously walked off the show following the pair’s refusal to acknowledge or apologize for what Ramsay thought was their blatant disregard for the restaurant business, having accused them of pocketing wait staff tips, being rude to customers, and deliberately running an unsatisfactory restaurant altogether. They took to Facebook shortly following the incident to blatantly shame not only Ramsay, but everyone involved in what they thought was the unreasonable disparaging of their restaurant. Their comments quickly succeeding in getting everyone’s attention, mostly due to the distasteful nature of calling their customers stupid and claiming their food was the best that anyone could be served throughout the world. They paid a return visit the show this past April, in which they attempted to rectify the situation by claiming that their Facebook account had been hacked and the aforementioned comments were not posted by them. This excuse was fooled no one however, and the two did not succeed in anything other than reliving the situation and making it worse, after the woman bizarrely stated her opinion that eunuchs should not be allowed at their restaurant.

It remains to be seen what will become of the former Kitchen Nightmares stars’ recent incident in which Samy Bouzaglo allegedly threatened a patron’s life with a knife. The man and his wife continue to remain adamant that the weapon was in no way a knife.

by Rebecca Grace

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  1. Larry Berry   September 28, 2014 at 11:41 pm

    They say it wasn’t a knife (looks like a knife) but a pen (That’s a pretty big pen and being held as one would hold a knife). So even IF that were true, then he’s chasing a guy down the street threatening to stab him with a pen.

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