World Ministry of Prayer: Prayers for the Asking


The World Ministry of Prayer (WMOP) is a non-denominational organization that provides affirmative prayers to any individual requesting them. A 24-hour hotline has been established and is manned by trained practitioners. Each practitioner is committed to hold the consciousness of Spiritual Truth and Oneness.

Life’s daily challenges often lead to emotional and physical stresses that can lead one down a path of malaise and insecurity. Affirmative prayer provides the reassurance needed to bring one back to center by recognizing and directly addressing all issues.

Honoring all faiths, the World Ministry of Prayer offers non-dogmatic, spiritual support. Knowing that all people embody the Spirit of God, practitioners are trained to identify and address underlying issues. Prayer is the universal method of communicating with that spiritual consciousness that resides within us all.

As a universal service under the guidance of Centers for Spiritual Living, the World Ministry of Prayer began its operation almost 90 years ago. Founder, Ernest Holmes, developed a philosophy that centered on establishing a spiritual path that identifies each individual as a co-creator, whether conscious or subconscious, of the events in their life. Prayer is not only a means of communicating with spirit, but it also lays the creative groundwork for daily events. Holmes taught that affirmative prayer creates the desired results.

The prayer team has its roots in Los Angeles, California when Ernest Holmes and his first two practitioners decided to open phone lines, over 80 years ago, for healing prayer work. It came to be known as The Healing Department and remained in place until 1981. That year, under the leadership of Rev. Marsha Mendizza, it was renamed The World Ministry of Prayer. Rev. Mendizza stated, “The World Ministry of Prayer was not a place or department; it was the heart and soul of the teachings of the Science of Mind.”

Today the World Ministry of Prayer is led by Eugene Holden and is located at the Centers for Spiritual Living headquarters in Golden, Colorado. The team consists of specially trained volunteer practitioners and ministers who man the phones offering personal and confidential affirmative prayers for anyone requesting help. As Holden stated in a recent interview, “Affirmative prayer is one of the most powerful tools of transformation available to the world…Simply, prayer works.”

Lack of funds led to the dissolution of WMOP in 2011, but Holden was determined not to let it come to an end. Through strategic planning and visioning, Holden formed the Spiritual Master-Mind Alliance, which led to the current effort to improve the WMOP through the use of current technologies.

Through his new “Partnership Program,” currently serving 16 states and two countries, anyone can turn to the Centers for Spiritual Living website and locate a practitioner to call directly for prayers. Should the practitioner not be available, he or she will return the call within 24 hours. The caller can also request a direct meeting with a practitioner. While practitioner support via phone calls and e-mails are free of charge, there is a fee for a direct appointment.

The World ministry of Prayer has been providing affirmative prayer for many years. It continues the teachings of Ernest Holmes that all people are a part of the spiritual whole. As such, anyone can tap into that God Center through which personal co-creation is possible. As Holden appropriately states, “Life is precious. Handle with prayer.”

By Hans Benes


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2 Responses to "World Ministry of Prayer: Prayers for the Asking"

  1. Hans Benes   September 19, 2014 at 8:42 am

    “Ask and ye shall receive!” What a simple, yet powerful concept.

  2. shirl   September 19, 2014 at 12:36 am

    I think this is a great idea. Sometimes a person needs know that help is just a phone call away. This group is thinking out side the box.More Churches should try it.


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