Amanda Bynes Denies Shoplifting in NYC

Amanda Bynes has denied claims that she was attempting to shoplift in New York City, after she was held back by security upon leaving the store without paying for a  $200 hat. The incident occurred in the afternoon on October 8th, 2014.

Bynes was at the popular Barneys clothing store in Manhattan when she walked out of the door with the hat still in hand, an event which triggered the security alarm due to the tag still being on the hat. Upon being questioned by security, the actress claimed that she had fully intended to pay for the hat but had merely forgotten to bring her wallet and purse into the store with her, which she was on her way to retrieve when the alarm went off.

As for why she did not simply put the item down or ask an associate to hold it for her while she collected her method of payment, the 28-year-old gave the reason that she had become distracted by another woman in the store, one who alleges was harassing her and attempting to take pictures despite Bynes’ request not to do so. She also stated that she could not simply ask her driver to bring her the belongings due to the fact that they had wandered off in the time she was at the store, and she did not know where they had gone. Bynes was let go by security following her explanation, and no further action is expected to be taken at this time. Whether or not she ended up purchasing the item in question remains unknown.

Bynes has certainly been facing her fair share of media attention in the past week. Concern for her mental stability has been ever-growing with her family and friends, after witnessing her engage in days on end of exceeding bizarre behavior. Upon her exit from Los Angeles last Friday (photographs of which showed the actress disoriented and acting extremely paranoid in an airport restaurant), Bynes was first spotted in New York wearing an unexplained bandage over her cheek when she landed at JFK.

This past Monday, citizens of Manhattan were alarmed to see Bynes haphazardly riding bicycle near the extremely crowded Penn Station, almost knocking over a few pedestrians on her way. The actress’s downward spiral began shortly before she left for New York, after she was arrested near California’s San Fernando Valley for driving under the influence of Adderall. Those close to her believe this behavior is stemming from her lack of conservatorship, which was lifted at the beginning of last month and of which her parents reportedly have no interest in renewing. Reports have recently stated that her mother is torn between allowing her daughter to make her own mistakes and find her own way, and coming to her rescue once more. Her father reportedly is of the opinion that the woman’s efforts to save their daughter would be a waste of both time and money, and that perhaps getting sent to jail might be the best thing for her at this time.

It remains to be seen whether or not Amanda Bynes is telling the truth when she denies claims that she was truly trying to shoplift in New York City on Wednesday. Her official representative has not yet given any statement on the matter.

By Rebecca Grace

E! Online Canada

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