Paula Patton Files for Divorce From Robin Thicke

PattonIt is the end of the road for Paula Patton and Robin Thicke. Actress Paula Patton has officially filed for divorce from her estranged singer husband, Robin Thicke. The couple has been separated since February 2014. The split came following his controversial performance with Miley Cyrus during the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. Other contributing factors to their split include rumors of possible infidelity by Thicke after photographs of him grabbing a woman’s bare butt surfaced. At the time of their break up back in February a source said that Patton and Thicke’s relationship had been suffering for some time.

Patton and Thicke have been married for eight years and were also high school sweethearts. The couple has a four year old son together, Julian Fuego. Since their separation Thicke has been attempting to win back his estranged wife in a very public campaign. In June at the BET awards, Thicke took to the stage and not only apologized to Patton but he also dedicated a song to his estranged wife and told her how much he missed her.

In another attempt to publicly appeal to and win back Patton, Thicke even went so far as to release an album titled Paula in her honor. The album which was supposed to be a romantic gesture did not succeed in winning his wife back or in winning over the fans. Only 25,000 copies of the album sold during its release week.

Prior to Patton filing for divorce from Thicke, the couple listed their home in the Hollywood Hills for sale back in July. The home was originally purchased by the singer’s father Alan Thicke and was passed on in 2005 to his son. The home was listed for about $3 million. At the time of the listing Thicke was still attempting to reconcile with his wife.

In a July interview, Thicke spoke about his separation from his wife and not knowing how to win her back. He said in the interview that he was basically just guessing at what to do in order to earn his forgiveness. Since the split over alleged infidelity and his public attempts to win back his wife, Thicke has been involved in another controversy over his song Blurred Lines. In September he admitted to taking credit for the song when in fact it should have been fully credited to Pharrell Williams. The divorce filing is just the latest blow for the singer as he recovers from the confession regarding his Blurred Lines single.

The divorce which was filed by Paula Patton cites irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split from Robin Thicke. The filing was done without a lawyer, which seems to suggest that the divorce will be amicable between both parties. One source has said that they believe that the divorce will actually be a relatively peaceful split. While the divorce is being regarded as a harmonious split, property rights are still being determined for both parties. In the divorce Patton is seeking both physical and joint custody of their son, Julian. Patton is not currently requesting spousal support in the filing.

By Kimberley Spinney


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