Gwyneth Paltrow Sees Martha Stewart Criticism as a Good Thing

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow has seen the criticism from Martha Stewart the only way she can: as a good thing. The award-winning actress commented that it means she is competition for the domestic guru, and that can only be a complement in disguise.

Stewart recently stated that Paltrow was clearly trying to be her, and it was likely due to having no confidence in her acting abilities. It comes due to the 42-year-old focusing on entrepreneurial efforts, rather than her acting at this time. This is something that many entertainers do, as they look for something more challenging for themselves. Grey’s Anatomy’s Ellen Pompeo recently stated that she was considering giving up acting for directing because she wants to do something more challenging for herself.

The Iron Man actress refused to see the snub as outright criticism. She stated at the Most Powerful Women Summit by Fortune that she was “psyched” that she was viewed as some sort of competition.

Stewart’s criticism came during an interview with Net-a-Porter’s September issue, where she also offered the advice that the actress should “be quiet.” This likely comes after Paltrow has been hit with members of the public complaining about her egotistical and backward views. One of those was that celebrity moms have it harder than those working the general nine to five. The interview touched on other celebrities who want to make it in the entrepreneurial world, including Blake Lively.

However, Paltrow has brushed off Stewart’s criticism, and taken them as a good thing. She believes it means the domestic goddess possibly feels threatened, and realizes that she has competition. The Shakespeare in Love actress joked about how she has never received any criticism in the past and will need to learn how to deal with this. She then moved on to mention how criticisms usually come when the other person is in a difficult time and space, rather than the person who is being criticized. That comment alone indicated that Stewart is in a difficult place in her career, especially as more and more younger women are trying to mimic her success.

Paltrow is certainly not going to let the diva’s comments stop her in her tracks. The Sliding Doors actress is committed to pushing her website GOOP forward. It started as a fun, part-time thing but is now a serious side of her business. She wants to share tips and lifestyle advice, while pushing herself to be everything that she can be. After 25 years as an actress, it is understandable that she wants to try something different. She already has directing credits to her name, so now it is time to focus on something more entrepreneurial.

It does not matter for her if Stewart does not like or approve of the idea. It seems the lifestyle goddess very rarely approves of anything, including the idea of Taylor Schilling playing the lead character in Orange Is the New Black. For Paltrow, the criticism from Stewart is nothing but a good thing, because it means that she has become the 73-year-old’s competition.

By Alexandria Ingham




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