Amanda Bynes Released From Psychiatric Center, Acts Bizarre [Video]

Amanda Bynes has been released from the psychiatric center she was being held in since mid-October, and her infamously bizarre behavior continued from the moment she left the premises. She was subsequently spotted wandering through Hollywood’s Sunset Strip this past Thursday night, talking to herself and searching in vain for a hotel to stay in.

She managed to cause something of a scene during the inquiring of one of her lodging potentials, Los Angeles’ upscale London Hotel. She reportedly managed to secure a room via telephone, but the hotel staff were unaware of her identity until she arrived. Upon realizing that it was she who had made the inquiry however, front desk employees immediately denied her request at told her to exit the premises immediately. This is due to Bynes having stayed at the London before and having reportedly caused many issues for both the staff as well as the hotel’s reputation.  The 28-year-old is said to have flown into a rage following the rejecting of her being given a room, and began tossing large amounts of cash in the general direction of the lobby’s front desk.

After being turned away from the lodging facility, Bynes took refuge in a diner where she then ordered a substantially large amount of food, including salmon, fried chicken and Caesar salad. The waitress who served her reported that the former actress cleared off her plate, and made several odd attempts at conversation during the consumption of her meal.  She reportedly informed her sever that while she was willing to converse with her, the woman would have to forgive that she was slightly shy due to a facial procedure she had recently had that required her to sport a bandage over her face.

The waitress in question described Bynes as seemingly out of it and not entirely there, and recalled that she would continue on talking even when the waitress had left the table. Bynes reportedly told the server that she was consuming so much food due to having lost 20 pounds in the recent weeks, but went on to detail her fear that people who saw her eating would think she was a “fat a**”. The California native is said to have settled her bill via a credit card that did not have her name printed on it, although the transaction went through without a hitch.

The former child star also made a dramatic return to Twitter, where she has become infamous for her various rants and rages about anything under the sun, from her personal life to celebrities she finds repulsive. Her recent post detailed her anger at both her parents and Hollywood bad guy Sam Lufti for tricking her into entering treatment in the first place, which they did via an elaborate ruse in which they convinced her she was meeting them at the aforementioned London Hotel and proceeded to make alternate arrangements with her driver.

Bynes was released from said facility after she approached a hearing officer with her request to leave, stating that she had been taking her medication properly and was in a fit state to rebuild her life and get better. Even though doctor’s continued to inform the officer that Bynes was extremely unstable and mentally ill, he did not feel that the actress was in such a state that she could continue to be held against her will, and subsequently let her leave the facility of her own accord.

It remains to be seen whether Amanda Bynes will be granted her request to regain control of her own life and axe her parents’ conservatorship for good. The hearing, which takes place today, has yet to come to a close and provide more information on the matter.

By Rebecca Grace

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