Amanda Bynes Slams Parents in Twitter Rant After Hospital Release

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BynesAfter she was release from mental facility on Thursday, Amanda Bynes slammed her parents on Twitter and it seems like 28-year-old troubled starlet picked up right where she left off. According to the hearing officer at the mental facility, where Bynes spent her last couple of weeks, the actress was stable enough to be released and he dismissed the 30-day hold which was granted last week.

After a hearing officer said that Bynes cannot be held against her will, despite her doctor’s insistence that she is mentally ill, she was released from a psychiatric facility and hours after the troubled actress won her release from mental facility, she was spotted gorging at a Sunset Blvd. diner in Los Angeles. Reportedly, Amanda was lucid and on medication and she asked to be released.

On Friday morning, only one day after she was released from psychiatric hold, Amanda returned to Twitter and she instantly started making disturbing claims against her father once again. Bynes wrote that she got released from the hospital where Sam Lufti and her parents arranged to send her to, because her father is humiliated by what he has done to her. Furthermore, Amanda wrote that the police already filed a report against her father and that she is not even able to be in the same room with him.

According to former Nickelodeon child star and the Hairspray actress, her father is a sexual predator and he is the one who should be in jail. She wrote that people need to hear the truth about who she really is and that she needs to show the judge that she does not need any help making in her decisions. The childhood actress informed her fans that she is going to court with her lawyer to prove that she is more than capable of handling her personal life and finances.

Furthermore, in one other tweet, Amanda wrote that she is very sorry that people were fooled by Sam Lufti and her parents, who are lying about stealing money from her and she cannot continue to allow them to abuse her any more. Bynes even informed her fans about her appearance by saying that she looks horrible right now because she had a procedure done to remove micro cysts under her eyes, so she had to wear a bandage to court.

Bynes was placed on an involuntary medical hold on Oct. 10 at a Pasadena hospital, after she claimed that she falsely accused her dad of sexual abuse because a microchip in her brain led her to do that. This week, Lynn Bynes got control over her daughter’s estate, while Amanda remains in round-the-clock treatment. As she argued that her daughter poses a substantial risk to herself and others, Lynn Bynes cited Amanda’s recent DUI arrest in California and her erratic public behaviour in New York.

Despite the fact that she was released from mental facility, several reports suggest that it is only a matter of time before she gets into trouble again. After all, Amanda Bynes is well-known for her erratic behaviour and this was not the first time that the troubled actress was hospitalized.

By: Janette Verdnik

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