Ashton Kutcher Reveals Reason Behind Wyatt’s Name

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher has recently revealed the reasoning behind the name Wyatt Isabelle for his daughter. Girlfriend Mila Kunis gave birth to the baby on October 1, and it took days for them to finally reveal the name to the public. However, this is a name that they have had picked out for some time.

According to the Punk’d star, the two had a name before they realized that they were pregnant. However, that name did not survive throughout the pregnancy after Kunis decided the energy was completely wrong. It led to them thinking of other ideas, and Kutcher being himself decided to come up with a lot of wild, wacky, and downright terrible suggestions.

He told Conan O’Brien on Tuesday that he would look at trucks, road signs and anything to come up with baby name ideas. The family Guy voice actress asked him to stop being ridiculous, but he simply said that she had to accept bad names if she was ever going to accept the good ones. He then continued with the joke names.

It was Kunis who came up with the idea of using Wyatt as a first name. This is usually a name reserved for boys, or is a family name. She even said that it was a “dumb idea,” but the two went with it. They could be different, while having a semi traditional name.

While Kutcher revealed the reason behind Wyatt’s first name, he also shared the reasoning behind her middle name. Isabelle is a connection to his girlfriend’s heritage. Her grandfather was Yitzhak, and they wanted to connect with that through their children.

They did not stop at just choosing a name either. The two decided to register everything they could in her name. The last thing either wanted was to find a porn site with their daughter’s name, which unfortunately some people would find profitable. Kutcher and Kunis registered all domain names, a Twitter handle, an Instagram profile and everything they could think of with their daughter’s name. She also has an email address already set up for her.

The email address has turned out to be very useful. They are able to send emails to her on a daily basis, and she can look over them when she is older. It will be a chance for her to see how they felt during the first few years, and look back at all the milestones and proud-first-time-parent moments.

When talking to Conan O’Brien, the Two and a Half Men actor also confirmed that there were no nannies or night-nurses involved. Their financial position means that they can take time off, and want to do the baby-raising themselves. He mentioned how privileged they felt being in that position, and wanted to use it to their advantage.

He also said that his daughter satiates his hero complex. He has learned tricks to help her calm down when she is crying, and he gets to show off when around friends. Kutcher talked about it all on Tuesday night with Conan O’Brien, including the reason behind Wyatt’s full name.

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