Obama to Strengthen Nation’s Manufacturing Through Executive Orders


In his push to improve the economy, President Barack Obama has now got his sights set on improving the nation’s manufacturing, by strengthening the system through executive orders. He plans to push the orders through after a meeting that was held on Monday, according to sources. President Obama will be directing federal money to three different types of manufacturing stages including new technologies, apprenticeship programs, and assistance for small manufacturers. According to the White House, administration officials consider this move a key to economic recovery.

Spokesman Josh Earnest said that the White House plans to boost the advanced manufacturing sector, moving forward. He said that the money that will be invested is suppose to do a few major things such as support apprenticeship programs with $100 million in funds from the Labor Department Funds for advanced manufacturing, allow the Commerce Department to help manufacturers adopt and market new technologies in ten states with $150 million over five years, and allow NASA, the Pentagon, and the Energy and Agriculture departments to spend $300 million, collectively, to develop advanced materials and new technology.

Many top CEO’s and executives were in attendance at the meeting on Monday, where White House officials introduced the plans, and President Barack Obama expanded his push to improve manufacturing in the U.S. Perhaps this decision, though it has apparently been in the works, came as the third quarter reports showed that 249,000 jobs had been created but very few of them were manufacturing jobs. This posed a problem, as reporters stated after receiving the results, as they said that manufacturing jobs are sometimes the highest paying and longest lasting jobs for American citizens. Not increasing manufacturing could really put a larger dent in the economy. Those that President Obama met with were part of the working group the President’s Council of Advisors in Science and Technology.

But with all of the executive orders that President Obama has been signing, he is now making it a top priority to improve the state of manufacturing for the nation. The White House and others who approve the presidents decision are hoping that this move will greatly improve situations in America, especially as the executive order allows for the advancement of technology.

Other executive orders that Obama has signed during his term have been improving security for debit and credit cards, amendments to the Equal Employer Opportunity, changing minimum wage for contractors, adjusting certain rates of pay, improving chemical facility safety and security and many more. Though he has signed over 900 executive orders since he came to office, this executive order could be to be the best thing for the U.S. economy, at this time.

Many changes are expected to be made in the world of manufacturing for the United States. As the new initiative kicks off, NASA, the National Science Foundation, the Labor Department, the Commerce Department, the Department of Defense, and more are all expected to play their parts in the allotment and regulations that they have been given by the new executive order that President Obama has signed. This executive order is expected to strengthen the nation’s manufacturing in the future.

By Crystal Boulware


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