Australia Beaches Close Due to Shark Attack


According to officials, a number of beaches in Western Australia closed Sunday after an apparent shark attack occurred on an inflatable boat. This has occurred a week after a surfer was attacked by a shark having sections of his arms bitten off.

According to local media, the two men involved in the most recent shark attack were aboard an inlatable canoe and were able to paddle back to shore, unhurt. Local government officials stated that the damage to the boat were consistent of a shark bite, they were unwilling to confirm that it was a shark. The punctures to the boat were in a arc pattern, which did appear to be a bite, according to WA Fisheries Department member Lisa Clack.

The attack in south-west Australia took place off Castle Rock near Dunsborough late Saturday. The two men were paddling their canoe when the suspected shark attack happened. There is no word when the beaches in the area will reopen.

By Carl Auer

The Sunday Times
Photo by Jane drumsara – Flickr License

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