Bill Cosby Accused of Raping the Actress Barbara Bowman


CosbyFormer actress and model, Barbara Bowman, has revealed that when she was still a minor, the comedian Bill Cosby drugged and raped her. In her statement, Barbara, who believes that she remained silent for too long, described the popular actor as a monster.

After the American comedian Hannibal Buress proclaimed Bill Cosby to be a serial rapist in one of his recent sketches, the former actress Barbara Bowman now claims that Bill drugged and sexually abused her. Bowman entered the world of fashion when she was only 13 years old, but the real door into the world of the film industry did not open for her until 1985. She signed up for an audition at Cosby and the comedian took the then 17-year-old girl under his wing. Barbara now says that this was a good pretext, because this way, Cosby could easily abuse her.

In her statement, Bowman said that when the two of them first met, Bill wanted her to wet her hair, sit down on a chair and to pretend that she is drunk. Cosby then stood beside her and he started to massage Barbara’s neck and shoulders. According to Bowman, Cosby did not touch her elsewhere that day, however, she said that this was the day when it all began.

Furthermore, Barbara Bowman said that after that day, Bill kept on drugging and sexually abusing her. Bowman described the comedian as a monster, because he was attacking her like one. Cosby allegedly even followed Barbara into the hotel room, where he attacked her like an animal and he was not capable to control himself.

Barbara hopes that her story will encourage all victims of violence. She also hopes that other victims who went or are still going through something like this, will not keep silent just because powerful, rich and famous people are involved. Bowman regrets the fact that she did not come forward earlier and she is convinced that she remained silent for too long.

Back in the 80s, the 46-year-old actress already tried to file a lawsuit against Bill Cosby, but the lawyer did not believe her story then and he refused to represent her. According to Bowman, nobody believed her and nobody wanted to listen to her, because they were convinced that she is making up this entire story in order to get money.

Bill is expected to play a patriarchal father figure in a new sitcom, just like he played Dr. Cliff Huxtable on The Bill Cosby Show in the 80s. In her statement, Barbara said that maybe Bill should also teach his fictitious TV family how to escape the talons of sexual predators. The comedian used to tell Bowman that he was her father figure and that she had to trust him as a father – 100 percent. After that, he would drug her and attack her. However, Bowman admitted that she was just to afraid to talk back.

Before Barbara Bowman came forward, 13 other women already accused the comedian of sexual assault. In the light of all this accusations, many people are wondering if Bill Cosby lead a dark secret life while he was pulling the wool over the public’s eyes.

By: Janette Verdnik

Daily Mail
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