Bruce Jenner Dating Best Friend of Ex Kris

Bruce Jenner is said to be dating his soon-to-be ex-wife Kris’ best friend, according to sources close to the Kardashian-Jenner clan. The source confirmed the rumor to popular gossip website TMZ earlier this afternoon.

The woman in question is named Ronda Kamihira, a 51-year-old divorced mother of two. She and the Keeping Up With The Kardashians patriarch were first spotted at the beginning of this month, when a photograph of them at Elton John’s recent Staples Center concert began circulating the internet. The two have been associated with each other for years, having lived in the same area of Hidden Hills, California for quite some time. In fact, they even reportedly spent holidays at each other’s residence from time to time. Their children are also said to have developed a closeness of the years, with Kamihira’s daughter Spencer having grown attached to Jenner’s oldest daughter, Kendall. Spencer shared a photograph with Kendall via Twitter some time ago, showing the two side by side at the same event.

The former Olympian’s ex-wife is said to be extremely upset about the pairing, with sources saying that she feels betrayed at the fact that Kamilhira never even told her about it. This lack of information reportedly hurt even more due to their aforementioned closeness, with Kris reportedly beginning to question whether or not the two were ever really friends at all. There is also talk from the family’s source surrounding a rumor that Kamihira was putting in her best effort to become exactly like the mother of six in the past while.

They say that her behavior and mannerisms were becoming more like the Kardashian momager by the day, and even alleged that the woman changed her hair in order for it to match the 58-year-old’s. She reportedly wanted to act and look like a single white female just like Kris, but another source gives the even stranger comment that the woman isn’t even single herself. Kamihira is said to have recent married for a second time, and just last month moved in with the man, who is said to be incredibly rich.

Jenner and his wife officially began their divorce proceedings just under a month ago, after she filed for divorce following the two having been separated for well over a year. Her husband filed his responding petition almost immediately, and it was reportedly an almost exact replica of Kris’ document. They cited irreconcilable differences as the grounds for the divorce, which is the most common reason given for Hollywood couple’s after a split.

No lawyers were involved, and the division of money and properties was absolutely no issue either, as the pair split what they had exactly down the middle. The combined wealth of Jenner and his wife reportedly sat at around $60 million, and they were more than happy to stay in the parts of the city they had come to call their home (He resides in Malibu, and she in Calabasas.) Custody of their one minor child, Kylie Jenner, is said to be broken up evenly between the two of them.

It remains to be seen if the reported new relationship between Bruce Jenner and ex Kris’ best friend will pan out. The 64-year-old has yet to give any kind of statement on the matter for himself.

By Rebecca Grace

New York Daily News
Photo by Nakeva Corothers – Flickr License

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