Canada Suspends Visa Applications for Ebola Countries


Canada has suspended all visa applications for nationals and residents of countries in West Africa who are fighting Ebola. This decision follows a similar move by Australia. The Canadian government stated it would not issue and permanent residency visas that may be going through the system for people from the Ebola countries along with the suspension of issuing of worker, visitor or student visas in an attempt to reduce the chance of Ebola entering the nation. All applications that have been submitted and awaiting approval will not be processed. This change was announced by the Canada Gazette and is effective immediately.

The move, similar to the restrictions issued by the Australian government this week, is less restrictive, according to the minister of Citizenship and Immigration. However, the moves have been slammed by the Director General of the World Health Organization, Dr. Margaret Chan. Dr. Chan said that the Ebola virus will not stop spreading just by closing borders.

By Carl Auer

Bay Today
Photo by vtgard – Flickr License

One Response to "Canada Suspends Visa Applications for Ebola Countries"

  1. Asok Smith   October 31, 2014 at 5:23 pm

    Canada has more sense than the entire Obola regime. Apparently, Canadian and Australian citizens are less expendable to their countries than American citizens are to the Obola administration, and for some reason President Obola keeps trying to import Ebola into the US.


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