Charlie Sheen is Single Again


Calling all single ladies, Charlie Sheen is up for the taking, as his recent split with fiance, Brett Rossi, has left him single again. Though he often joked about being married to her, especially via social media, the two were actually just engaged for about eight months, and as Charlie states it was a good year but now he has to “focus on his kids?”

That’s right, the reason for Sheen’s split from his porn star fiance was supposedly so he could focus on his five kids, whom he has with his different exes. Sheen says the split between the two was mutual as they both decided to go their separate ways, rather than spend the rest of their lives together.Sheen

The announcement of the engagement came in February after the two spent time together and on Valentine’s day they sported a picture holding hands with rings. It was said that Sheen proposed that Saturday morning when they were in Hawaii. This, of course, raised a lot of commotion for the two as he had already been married three times before.

He has certainly made headlines over the years on his relationships, and lack there of. Though he has been publicized over many of his relationships, flings, and even a connection he had with someone from ABC’s The Bachelor (though it turned out to be of a non-sexual nature), his exes have been less than thrilled about all of the spotlight.

Sheen started by marrying Donna Peele, a model, for whom he was only married to for about a year.  His next marriage lasted a little bit longer, after he wed Denise Richards, an actress and former fashion model, in 2002 and stayed married for four years. During that time he had two kids with her and adopted one kid. Two years after their split he then married actress Brooke Mueller,  in 2011. He also has two kids, twin sons, with her.

Denise Richards told a reporter from NY Daily News, last year, that she was basically caring for Charlie’s five kids and that she just had to learn to manage. At the time she was filming the show Twisted for ABC Family and she was in charge of caring for all of Sheen’s kids, including the two from his marriage to Mueller, as she was in rehab. The kids were awarded to her in May of 2013 and she has apparently been caring for them since then.

Now it seems that she may get some help, as Sheen who has been there before, according to sources and according to Richards who says that they get along and work together for their kids. But now with the actors recent split from his fiance to “focus on his kids,” Richards may get even more help managing her tight schedule with the children.

As Sheen recalls his time with former adult star Brett Rossi, he says that they crossed a lot of things off their bucket lists and had a great year. However, this time he will not be getting married, leaving him single for now.

By Crystal Boulware


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  1. gyurltrini   October 18, 2014 at 6:39 pm

    Umm I think you got your information about his children with Denise, wrong. He has one adult daughter whose mother he was involved with as a teen (I think – anyways that was long before Denise was in the picture). Then he has two daughters with Denise (they did not adopt any child together, but years after they broke up, she adopted another daughter, Eloise). Then he married and had twin sons with Brooke.

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