Misty Upham Found Dead After Disappearing


Misty Upham was found dead after she was reported missing on Oct. 6. The spokeswoman for Misty’s family has confirmed that a body, which was found in a Seattle ravine on Thursday afternoon is, as it was widely suspected, that of the 32-year-old actress and animal activist. Upham was best known for her roles in the films August: Osage County, Django Unchained and Frozen River.

A longtime friend of the Upham family, Tracy Rector, said that it was Misty’s uncle, Robert Upham who organized the search party that went out looking for her three days ago. Robert was the one, who, along with two other searchers, found Misty’s body. Her father Charles later confirmed her identity to the authorities.

Rector, who was also a part of the search party, told in his statement that they all waited at the site where Misty’s body was found and her identity was confirmed after about five and a half hours. After her identity was confirmed, everybody gathered around Misty’s body to say their prayers.

Misty’s cause of death was not determined yet, however, after she disappeared, Upham’s father believed that she may have been suicidal. Charles Upham told the media that his daughter suffered from bipolar disorder and she was not taking her medication when she disappeared. However, after Misty’s family saw her body, they felt differently and according to Rector, they still do not feel that Misty Upham would take her own life.

According to Rector, Misty’s family is infuriated at the Auburn Police Department, since they believe that the police did not assist as much as they should in the search to locate Upham. The family stated that they want everyone to know that the Auburn PD did not help with this situation at all. Even more, they refused to help. After Misty’s disappearance on Oct. 5, her family immediately knew that something was seriously wrong, because it was out of character for her to be gone for such a long time, without being in touch. The family repeatedly went to the police, who insisted that there was no cause for concern.

After the news of Misty’s death came out, there were several messages of grief on the social media from Upham’s friends, colleagues and fans. Meryl Streep, whose character was the matriarch of the family for which Misty served as a caretaker in August: Osage County, wrote that it is so sad to hear the news about the actresses death and that all thoughts are with her family and with her beautiful spirit. Melissa Leo, whose character worked together with Misty’s character in order to smuggle illegal immigrants from Canada into America in Frozen River, wrote, that it is such a loss and that it is so sad. Furthermore, Leo hopes that Misty’s talent will be remembered more than any troubles that people will surely never understand. Melissa concluded her thoughts by saying that Misty was a smart and a delightful actress, whose spirit was wild and hungry. The King County Coroner’s Office will be releasing an official statement about Misty Upham’s case on Friday.

By: Janette Verdnik

Daily News
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