Chicago Bears Fall to New England Patriots

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The Chicago Bears have fallen to the New England Patriots 51-23, in a game that was more of a wipeout than even the score indicates. Going into the game, football fans knew the Patriots had played well as they walked into the contest with a season record of 5-2. People also knew that Tom Brady may have been looking to make a statement as a response to people who thought the Patriots might be “washed up.” New England could definitely have stood to put up as many points as they possibly could and put on a decisive performance with the Denver Broncos coming to next Sunday. Either way, the New England Patriots were expected to put on a show, but the Chicago Bears were also expected to put up a fight with their hold in the division, and likely their playoff lives, on the line.

The Chicago offense was taken out of rhythm early in the game, and would fall to the New England Patriots mentally before the score ever became official. Chicago Bears star wide receiver Brandon Marshall was matched up on “Revis Island,” who left him frustrated, disengaged, and ineffective for most of the game. Marshall could be seen often in the second half running half-speed, stopping his routes, and shaking his head in anger. He was the same Bear that last week called their then 3-4 record “unacceptable.” The offense as a whole looked to be complete out of sorts, until the game was completely out of reach. At that time, the Chicago Bears offense ignited for two touchdowns with two two-point conversions.

Jay Cutler had an average game, throwing for 227 yards on 20-30 passing. He did not make consistent completions until the second half of the game. Two players that did stand out for the Bears were tight end Martellus Bennett, and running back Matt Forte. Bennett made a touch down catch that may end up SportsCenter‘s top ten, and ended the game with six catches for 95 yards. Forte ran the ball well, and was the only part of the Chicago Bears offense that did not get outright shut down by the Patriots defense. He ran for 114 yards on 19 carries, and caught a TD pass.

The Chicago Bears defense was somewhat nonexistent, as the New England Patriots did not punt the football until almost the fourth quarter. Brady finished 30-35 passing, with five touchdowns, and his eighth highest passer rating ever at 148.4. The Bears defense missed the presence of linebackers Lance Briggs and Jon Bostic, but likely would not have had a different result in this game with them starting.

The New England Patriots improved to 6-2 with their annihilation of the Chicago Bears, while the Bears fall to 3-5, heading into their bye week. Both teams will have big games coming up next, as Brady will face off against his rival, Peyton Manning, the “other guy” people list as possibly the greatest quarterback of all time. The Bears will next face the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. As media coverage heightens leading up to the game, Bears personnel will likely say that they look forward to the game. Likely, Bears fans will not be looking forward to the matchup against Green Bay, as they have dominated teams this year consistently, and Aaron Rodgers may be the hottest quarterback in the league right now. Undoubtedly, the Chicago Bears will continue to look for answers, as was the story last week.

Commentary by LaBaron Jackson

Bleacher Report
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Photo By Bernard Gagnon – Wikimedia License

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