‘Let It Go’ as a Male Rock Song [Video]

let it go

let it go

If one has paid any attention, no matter how slight, to mainstream media, they have undoubtably heard one of the most popular songs of the year, “Let It Go” from Frozen which has been covered by hundreds of people and now even has a rock version featuring male vocals. YouTube singer Nathan Smith has taken on the duty of adapting this surprisingly masculine version of the Disney ballad and is accompanied by an impressive animation.

The video was published to YouTube early this summer and has already received over 23 million views. The graphics that are displayed while Smith belts his heart out are a recreation of the actual “Let It Go” scene in the Frozen film. Fellow YouTube users Jess the Dragoon, juliajm15 and dorodraws are apparently responsible for the animation which is presented in 2D, in light of a distinctive type of anime artwork. The scene these animators have created follow the exact path the scene in the film does, but instead of Elsa the Snow Queen a platinum-haired, blue-eyed Ice King takes the limelight. The male version of the character sports a color palette that is identical to Elsa’s in the film, but all adjusted to showcase a masculine character.

Smith displays his vocals very strongly, reflecting that of an alternative genre singer. Adjusted for the male voice, “Let It Go” sounds rather catchy and empowering in a fresh new way with the addition of guitars and similar rock musicalities. A number of similar sounding parodies have been created and uploaded to YouTube, but this particular version by Smith may have to take the cake for best rock version.

“Let It Go” has proven to amount to worldwide success and recognition. The song even made its way on to the fifty-first edition of the NOW That’s What I Call Music album, alongside the likes of singles by top artists such as Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake and Ariana Grande. Lauren Platt, a current contender on the popular singing competition TV show The X-Factor recently received a great amount of praise for her rendition of the famous Frozen tune. More and more amateur covers still seem to be arising on the internet everyday and the song was released nearly a year ago.

Renown Broadway actress Idina Menzel is the original performer of “Let It Go” and voices the character of Elsa in Frozen. The star stated she knew she was creating something special when recording the sensational song, but had no idea that it would amount to the current success it is still receiving. Menzel is known for originating three musical theatre roles on Broadway: Maureen in Rent, Elphaba in Wicked and Elizabeth in the currently running If/Then. The star garnered a great amount of pop culture attention when actor John Travolta incorrectly introduced her as “Adele Dazeem” on live television at the Oscars this year. Menzel didn’t let Travolta’s flub throw her off as she gave a stunning performance of “Let It Go” at the awards just after his announcement.

It is remarkable that “Let It Go” is still receiving the numerous covers and parodies such as Smith’s male rock version of the song. Perhaps a piece so well-put together deserves such attention. The video featuring Smith’s rock vocals and the male Ice King animation can be viewed below.

Opinion by Cody Collier

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