Clay Aiken an Idol to the People

Clay Aiken an Idol to the People

Clay Aiken is making his way around the people of North Carolina to run for Congress. He is in a tough battle against current and two term winner Rep. Renee Ellmers. It is sure to be an exciting run for office between a celebrity and a two term winner. Clay Aiken is known as a singer to many, but little know of his actions since and during his famous period on American Idol.

The race for District two of North Carolina will have eyes on it not only because it is election season, but because of who is running. Rep. Renee Ellmers of Dunn, NC and Clay Aiken of Chapel Hill, NC will have eyes on them for a different reason- because Clay Aiken is a celebrity of course. The counties of Alamance, Chathan, Lumberland, Harnett, Hoke, Lee, Moore Randolph and Wake will have to decide if they want a former American Idol runner-up or a two term representative to take the helms of the counties. Many do not know more about Clay Aiken then just his time on American Idol. He actually has more to say and more to do than just sing songs around the White House.

Ever since Aiken joined the rings of fame he has been taking action to help the community. His run started on the hit television show in 2003, but at the same time in 2003, he was starting the National Inclusion Project in North Carolina that advocates for children with disabilities in recreational and educational programs. After the show was over, he became an ambassador for UNICEF, which helps with child survival, development, and emergency care in countries outside the United States. He became an ambassador for countries like Afghanistan, Uganda, Indonesia, Somalia and Kenya. Aiken would travel to the countries and advocate for the organizational work going on in the country.

In 2006, he was appointed to a two-year term working for the presidential committee for people with intellectual abilities. All of the work he did was during the time of his fame. He showed that he did more than just want to sing, he wanted to make a difference. One could say that he did not stay Invisible when not in the spotlight. Now he is sending his message all around North Carolina cities in an attempt to win a place in Congress. During a debate between Aiken and Ellmers, punches were thrown as Ellmers said that politics is not just a “sing and dance.” Aiken, realizing her jokes about his fame, returned by saying that the most embarrassing reality show right now is Congress.

Aiken is an idol for the people because he is there for the people. He has showed his love for the population in his charity work and political positions attained while having the world watching him on television. The trouble for him is that he is running in state that still has gay marriage banned, and Aiken, as an openly gay man as of 2008, also has chosen to run as a democrat in a mostly- republican area. The positions remains up to how many “Claymates” reside in District two of North Carloina. Voting begins Nov. 4.

By Evan Linneman



Fay Observer


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3 Responses to "Clay Aiken an Idol to the People"

  1. Suzee D.S.   October 24, 2014 at 10:58 am

    Another small correction: Voting began Oct. 23. Voting ENDS Nov. 4th, election day, when the polls close.

    BTW I love this comment you made about Clay Aiken: “He believes that Congress must stop the bickering and get to work . What a concept!”

    I can’t seem to find a way to edit my previous comment, but would only correct last sentence to read “no one EVER tried harder” and in the previous sentence I refer to voters’ “preconceived notions,” such as the erroneous belief that he “chooses to be gay” and consequently has a hidden gay agenda.

    Many also (erroneously) also believe that he is an Obama puppet as his opponent lamely claims, or they just don’t trust that he has what it takes to represent an NC02 agenda effectively, regardless of how much he knows, his skills of persuasion, or his history of advocacy.

    They forget that before 2010, his opponent was only a nurse, who had held NO elective office and did NOT present with a history of advocacy. She has proven to be perhaps a Boehner puppet, who pretty much votes the party line that keeps the gridlock in DC going, and she actually hurt her district by her votes for the sequester. She has almost a zero record in environmental concerns or education, but she has scored well with political PAC’s from whom she receives the majority of her donations.

    Clay owes nothing to any special interests.

    Enough said. And the answer to anyone’s unspoken question is, no, I’m not Clay’s mom or any family member, nor do I work for him, except as a volunteer! I just believe in his ability to make a difference in DC!

  2. Suzee D.S.   October 24, 2014 at 2:42 am

    Evin, since he first announced, Clay has been receiving serious attention both in the media and in North Carolina as a candidate of real grit with knowledge, vision and many practical ideas for addressing NC issues, as well as issues affecting the entire nation. Just in the past week, he has garnered the endorsements of the NC News & Observer, Indyweek, and, surprisingly, a conservative NC paper, The Pilot. Throughout his campaign, he has been engaging in dialogue with people of diverse political opinions, appearing as a guest at Tea Party events and local candidate forums, and now in town halls he is hosting all over his district to invite voters to share their concerns. Experienced political pundits, like the folks at the Cook Political Report, have commented on how well prepared he is. In two TV forums/debates he sparred so ably with incumbent Renee Ellmers, she declined to participate in a third which is currently airing on Time Warner TV.

    Regarding “invisibility” since Idol, Clay has been QUITE busy professionally. He’s sold 6 million albums, written a New York Times best selling memoir, and done probably a dozen tours since 2003, including one with Season 2 winner, Ruben Studdard, in 2010. He also did two runs on Broadway in Spamalot in 2008, starred in stage productions of Drowsy Chaperone in NC and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in Ogunquit in 2013, and has appeared on TV many talk shows, specials, and as actor. All this is in addition to the activism you spoke about in your article.

    A couple of small corrections to your article: Cumberland (not Lumberland) County, and Clay is in Cary, not Chapel Hill.

    Thank you for your coverage of Clay’s campaign. As an 8th generation NC native, Clay has a special knowledge of and love of District 2 and concern for ALL its people, and he understands them as one who grew up in North Carolina from his earliest years. Hopefully voters will be able to step away from their prejudices and re-conceived notions, and see – and trust – this real concern and commitment. No one every tried harder to serve!

  3. Connie L   October 23, 2014 at 4:27 pm

    Evan , although I’m sure he is grateful for the support of his fans , Clay is running to serve the interests of all of the people of NC02 . And ‘serve’ is the important word . Since he made the decision to run , he has tirelessly reached out to us , listening to what we have to say and learning what we need from our representative in Congress . His main concerns are jobs and the economy , education , the military community and our Vets , immigration and securing our borders . He believes that Congress must stop the bickering and get to work . What a concept !
    And I think early voting began today . Everybody vote !

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