Clean Eating Tops Recent Diet Trends

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Recent diet trends have seen an increase in people employing clean eating techniques. These techniques allow for people to be able to eat delicious foods that are also healthy, cutting out the chemicals and processed foods that lead to negative effects on a person’s health further down the line. By cutting out these unhealthy foods, dieters can start to feel more energetic and feel better quickly. There are different methods for clean eating, and each has their own benefits.

First, there are certain choices an individual can make on their own to facilitate the clean eating process. Dieters should avoid processed foods. These foods often have the nutrition processed right out of them, and are full of preservatives like sodium which can affect the body negatively. By adding more produce, raw vegetables, and other foods full of fiber, a person can keep themselves from being hungry longer, avoiding mid-meal snacking and the calories that come with it. Other foods to avoid are foods with empty calories. Beer and liquor are big time offenders in this category. Binge drinking can lead to a load of calories, and then with gross, drunk food thrown on top, a person can blow through the amount of calories that is reasonable for the week. The easiest way to avoid foods that may not be appropriate for a clean eating diet is to read the label. Though food companies have found ways around being entirely truthful on their nutrition labels, a consumer can still keep an eye out for high sodium and calorie counts on the labels, knowing that foods with these high counts are no good for a clean eating diet.

Along with carefully choosing healthy foods, the cleanse is another part of clean eating that has seen an increase in popularity. Using various juices, including lemon and pomegranate, and certain spices, people will replace their meals with juices that fulfill all of their nutritional requirements, while cutting out calories that can lead to weight gain and removing unhealthy toxins from their bodies. Along with juices that dieters can make at home, there is also a juice cleanse industry. These companies make powders and shakes that users can use for a nine-day or 30 day cleanse. though these cleanses can be controversial, most doctors agree that under proper supervision, these cleanses can be a useful tool for diets.

An important factor to remember when clean eating is the human factor. It is up to the individual to make sure that they are sticking with their clean eating routine. Weekends can be a time when people may slip from their diets. Parties, excursions to a local watering hole, and other events can push temptation in the face of even the most dedicated clean eater. By paying attention to what they are consuming, and showing a little self-control, a dieter can make sure they stick with their routine.

As more and more Americans are taking a look at the food they out in their bodies, the clean eating movement continues to rise. From farmer’s markets to farm to table restaurants, people are looking to a better alternative than the processed foods they have been eating, and are beginning to feel better in the process.

By Bryan Levy

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  1. robandmelissaflintrobflint22   October 6, 2014 at 5:26 pm

    Eat fresh and you cant go wrong. Im doing the thosien diet and ive lost 40lbs in the last 5 months


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