‘Dark Souls 2’ Hardest Bosses and Enemies Statistics

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Dark Souls 2 is a game full of different players coming at the hardest bosses and enemies with their statistical categories varied, thus providing different builds for different play styles. A Mage will probably prefer range and quick damage, while a Knight or Warrior could peck away at a health bar in preparation for a dodge. No matter the play style, just about anyone that plays long enough will die, and there are certain points were death has taken the most Undead warriors, both in and out of various boss chambers.

Within the Majula hub of Dark Souls 2, there is an old obelisk that stands in remembrance of those that have fallen. There is a plaque with a staggeringly high number that keeps growing at the base. This is the creators, From Software, keeping tabs on the death total across all accounts in the world that have thought to brave Drangelic Kingdom. As of this writing, that number of deaths stands at over 375 million since the game’s March release.

A great many of those agonizing falls have come from some of the bosses of Dark Souls 2 that take apart the best laid plans. According to From Software themselves, the newly added Fume Knight is the most lethal boss of them all with a 93 percent kill rate of any Undead that enter his domain. Fume Knight is the final main encounter in the Crown of the Old Iron King content and can be nearly impossible to topple without first dealing with the healing auras around him. Even then, he wields a sword combo that gives him strength and speed, until about 50 percent of his health dissipates. From there, the entire attack pattern of the encounter changes, undoubtedly lending to some of these many deaths.

The extra content contributed some of the hardest boss encounters in the entire game according to From’s statistics. Elana the Squalid Queen, Sir Alonne, Sinh the Slumbering Dragon and the Fume Knight were among the five most difficult bosses across the entirety of the title, all of which found various homes in the Crown content. This, From says, is consistent with their desires to give the Crown trilogy a post-game difficulty spike as these areas are not meant for lower level players. The main game boss that seemed to end the most runs was the Ruin Sentinels found in the Lost Bastille. This trio has been challenged 25 million times and kills the challenger(s) about one out of every four mist gate permeations. Darklurker and the Ancient Dragon, arguable the toughest bosses in the main Dark Souls 2 game, only have a little over 570,000 defeats between them, which is still less than King Vendrick and most other encounters.

Dark Souls 2 enemies have also seen their fair share of deaths thanks to cooperative play and savvy Undead controllers. Stray Hounds, found in various locations throughout the game, lead the way with over 158 million deaths followed by the likes of the Katana-wielding Alonne Knight, Royal Swordsman wielding crossbows and Greatswords and Hollow Royal Soldiers. Cooperative numbers also reveal that players are more willing to help than hurt. As of Sept. 22, 73.1 percent of summons were of the cooperative nature while the remaining were for invasions. This, if nothing else, should give comfort to Dark Souls 2 players that there is almost always someone to help out when the death total climbs too high.

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