Drake Involved in Another Nightclub Incident [Video]

Canadian rapper Drake has gotten involved in another nightclub incident, this time occurring in Washington, D.C. The event took place over the weekend of October 25th, 2014.

The 28-year-old had been celebrating his birthday, which fell on this past Thursday, October 24th, when the night took a turn for the worse and said conflict ensued. The reason behind the drama is not yet fully understood by the public, but reportedly had something to do with another man who got violent with one of Drake’s entourage members. The man in question is said to have thrown a punch at this individual, and there is speculation that this was the event which set off the Toronto native. Witnesses present at the club during the time of the conflict are the reason behind said speculation, with more than one individual claiming to have seen the alleged violence go down.

What really grabbed the media’s attention, however, was the fact that the rapper was seen furiously rushing back towards the club’s entrance, even though he had only just exited the premises. The reason for this sudden need to return lay with man’s desire to retrieve a reportedly large sum of money he had ended up tossing around in his rage, an amount that is said to have appeared to be thousands of dollars. Members of Drake’s posse were quick to try to aid him in the situation, however, and succeeded in reclaiming the dropped cash upon their re-entrance of the venue. Popular gossip website TMZ was first on the scene to record the footage, uploading it to their website shortly after the fact.

Drake’s first nightclub related conflict occurred back in June of 2012, when his crew got into it with the entourage of fellow rapper Chris Brown, and the situation escalated to the point that several individuals were sent to hospital as a result. Indeed, the situation wound up spinning so out of control that New York hotspot W.i.P actually ended up shutting down for good due to the aftermath of said event.

The conflict, which is said to have started due to a bitter feud regarding pop singer Rihanna, resulted in several glass bottles being thrown around and subsequently causing major injuries to clubgoers, with several of them needing to have their injuries stitched up after the incident went down. The alleged drama surrounding Rihanna relates to the fact that Brown was in quite a serious relationship with the Barbados native before the infamous 2009 event, in which the 25-year-old is said to have physically abused his girlfriend to the point that she was almost unrecognizable in follow-up police report photos.

Drake and Rihanna have been romantically linked since this event, although their relationship has not been proven to be anything more than a professional one (the two collaborated a few years ago on the hit track Take Care.) Drake has since maintained his innocent regarding the conflict at W.i.P, with his representatives giving the statement that the rapper had left the venue shortly after Brown and his crew began throwing up gang signs, and what happened next had absolutely nothing to do with him.

Further details surrounding Drake’s recent nightclub drama have yet to be revealed. Neither the Canadian entertainer or his representatives have released a statement on the matter.

By Rebecca Grace

In Touch Weekly
New York Daily News
Photo by Tom Overlie – Flickr License

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