Ebola Blood Sample Picked Up by Coast Guard


According the the Coast Guard, a blood sample from a Dallas health care worker potentially infected with Ebola was picked up from the cruise ship. Petty Officer Andy Kendrick said that a helicopter flew to the Carnival Magic cruise ship to retrieve the sample from the woman.

The helicopter lowered supplies to the ship in a rescue basket and retrieved the woman’s blood sample to fly back for testing. According the Kendrick, the sample was made in coordination with local, state and federal health authorities.

According to officials, the vacationing health care worker has shown no symptoms of Ebola and is believed to not be a risk to infect other passengers. The woman is under self-imposed quarantine at this time.

While the ship is scheduled to return to Galveston, Texas on Sunday, the sample was rushed to a Texas state lab in Austin for testing. The hope is that the tests will come back negative for Ebola before the ship docks Sunday morning.

By Carl Auer

Associated Press
Photo by Bret Arnett – Flickr License

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