Eric Frein Believed Spotted in Woods by Pennsylvania Police Officer

Alleged cop killer Eric Frein was believed to have been spotted in the woods by a Pennsylvania police officer Monday afternoon, stated authorities. However, the man who was dressed in camouflage rapidly disappeared from sight back into the thick forest close by the Swiftwater, Pennsylvania post office.

State Trooper Tom Kelly explained that a search of the region was performed, but there was no one found. Because of the reported sighting, several schools in the Pocono Mountain School area were closed Tuesday as the hunt for Frein continued. He has now dodged seizure for almost six weeks.

The spotting on Monday came after one on Friday by an inhabitant of the area, which prompted a change in the search area. Pennsylvania State Troopers stated that a woman who resides near one of the Pocono Mountain schools that are located in Swiftwater happened to catch sight of a man who could have been Frein on Friday evening. He was reportedly around 20 feet away from her and was holding onto a rifle. He supposedly was covered with dirt and had mud all over his face.

Frein, age 31, has been accused with allegedly murdering Cpl. Bryon Dickson and wounding Trooper Alex Douglass right outside the state police quarters located at Blooming Grove on Sept. 12. Law enforcement think the survivalist has been hiding out in the woodlands of Monroe and Pike counties since the shootings first happened. Officer Dickson’s funeral was held in Scranton last month.

The two latest sightings have caused Pennsylvania State Troopers to change the manhunt to Pocono and Paradise townships. That area is quite a few miles to the south of the five square mile area, which is located close to the alleged killer’s parents’ house in the town of Canadensis. That was where over 1,000 police officers had fixated their hunt for over a month.

Law enforcement was looking in that certain part of the state for Eric and they had called him a very dangerous suspect. They also explained that he had been trained in survivalist techniques and had, at one time, conveyed a longing to kill police officers. As the manhunt has increased and Frein was added to the FBI’s 10 most wanted list of fugitives, the agency stated that it was offering a reward of $100,000 for any information that helped lead to the arrest of Frein.

As the search has gone on, besides the two sightings, there have supposedly been other glimpse of Frein and even probable signs of the alleged killer’s presence. Pennsylvania State Troopers believed they might have caught a view of him in September and explained that they had discovered dirty adult diapers and also hollow cigarette packs as pieces of the hunt.

People who reside in Price and Barrett townships have endured around 24 hours of being under a warning of taking shelter because of fears about the alleged killer possibly being in the region. Pennsylvania State Police also stated that they had discovered pipe bombs, which they explained belonged to Frein.

By Kimberly Ruble

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