Khloe and Kim Kardashian Are Shameless Thieves?

KardashianIt looks like the Kardashian-Rose feud is heating up, since Khloe Kardashian and Wiz Khalifa are reportedly an item. Due to the fact that Amber Rose said that she dumped Wiz because he was cheating on her, numerous reports are suggesting that Khloe could in fact be the name attached to the person, who may have caused the split between Rose and Khalifa. If this is actually true, then this is the second Kardashian that stole a man from Amber, since, according to Rose, Kim stole Kanye from her. In that case, it is safe to say that Khloe and Kim Kardashian are shameless thieves, as they obviously do not respect other people’s relationships and they most certainly see nothing wrong in seducing and conquering a taken man.

According to the latest reports, Khloe Kardashian and Wiz Khalifa were spotted out together on a dinner date . The two of them were reportedly seen sneaking into Beverly Hills Phillipe Chow and they requested a private booth in the back. After the two of them spent about an hour together in a back booth, Khloe and Wiz are said to have left through a back entrance – together. As several fans hoped that Khloe will give another chance to her troubled husband Lamar Odom, it now seems like their story came to its final chapter. Rose is reportedly furious to hear that her ex and Kardashian may be an item, especially because of the fact that Khloe could be the woman, with whom Wiz cheated on her.

Well, it the rumors are true, then Amber most certainly has every right to be mad. Not because of the fact that Wiz found someone else after their breakup, but because of the fact that this might be the second time that she lost her men because of a Kardashian. So, who is the black sheep here now?

It is a well-known fact that Amber once dated Kanye West, who is now married to Kim Kardashian. Well, according to Amber, Kim was in fact the reason of their breakup, because she seduced Kanye while he was still in a relationship with Rose. However, Kim never admitted that, nor did Kanye. According to the latest rumors, Amber is now trying to take revenge on Kim for stealing Kanye from her, so she already contacted her ex, despite the fact that Mrs. West prohibited her husband to speak with Rose.

While the dust, surrounding the Kim-Kanye-Amber love triangle has not yet subsided, it appears that another love triangle might arise. After she broke up with French Montana, Lamar Odom made it clear that he wants Khloe back, however, just when it seemed that he will get his much desired second chance, Wiz Khalifa came along. And since Khloe obviously has a thing for rappers, this might be a very tough battle for Lamar.

Since Khloe reportedly planned on taking Lamar back, because she really wanted to start her own family, the news about her and Wiz being an item comes as a shocking surprise. Did she change her mind about having a baby with Lamar? Well, one thing is for sure – the Kardashian family never seizes to surprise.

Opinion by: Janette Verdnik

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