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It all occurred at the Evernote Market Convention, Oct. 2-3, 2014, where CEO Phil Libin announced why he believes he is creating productivity for the future. The annual convention, entitled From Inspiration to Achievement, was held in San Francisco and became the meeting place of discussion this week. In a two-hour keynote, Libin explained, “Our goal is to get 100 million users” and to demonstrate why Microsoft is archaic. CEO Libin shared with his audience what he is doing to revitalize the world of business work tools.

During the convention, Libin announced the release of several new services including, Work Chat and Evernote Context. In his keynote he described why these products will make other productivity tools obsolete in the days to come.

Libin spoke to attendees at the convention about plans to add a collaborative chat to the productivity application. It is one of the recent additions to help professionals and businesses owners be more efficient. Libin plans to add a collaborative chat called Work Chat and a contextual tool called Evernote Context to the list of services offered to customers in the Evernote Market. These tools are scheduled to be released next month to basic and premium users.

Work Chat will give co-workers the ability to work and communicate together more efficiently. Work Chat will allow teams to see every document that is being worked on. Work Chat is a living document for communicators. The goal is to prevent co-workers from having to use email to communicate with each other. It allows users to archived content for all to follow.  With such high expectations, developers belive that the future professional will no longer need email to communicate.

Another application to be added is Evernote Context. This service allows users to see surfacing suggestions from third-party resources.  As users read and write, contextual information relevant to their document will be available. It will suggest new content while they work on their desktop or mobile devices. The new service will also have the ability to connect with social media accounts, such as LinkedIn. This product feature will only be to premium account holders.

CNBC described the iCloud productivity tool as a progressive note taking application for mobile office access. Users keep track of information, search for keywords in their notes, and access files and documents that are usually limited by hard drive and file storage practices – all from the touch of a laptop or mobile devices.

Currently companies from all over are rushing to create cloud based productivity toolsMany believe Evernote is the productivity service that every professional must have if they plan to “work in the future.” Libin says, he wants to redefine work. This week’s new product reveals are expected to push the company into the new era and render non-cloud based productivity tools ineffective.

But many skeptical users, still uncertain about differences, wonder if this is an incremental change that lags Google Docs. Libin quickly differentiated his tools by explaining why it is not like Google Docs. Tech Crunch reported that since its launch in 2008, the company has sold over $12 million worth of products. Libin says 50 percent of all sales can be attributed to new, first-time customer purchases.

With over 380 employees in nine locations, the team is working to ensure that the new additions are available next month. CNBC reported that collaborations with the Wall Street Journal will offer subscribers a free annual subscription. With an increasing number of users engaging in Evernote tools, its value and subscriber base is growing daily.

In an interview with Inc., Libin shared comments of why he thinks the future of work is changing and why it will require people to be more connected. Libin suggests small business and professionals will work and operate more businesses remotely. He also adds that he feels they will be more engaged with collaborative, productivity tools. The Evernote App can be downloaded on iTunes or Google Play.

Additional services also include the ability to present directly from within the application. This is another example of why Evernote is productivity for the future.

By Carolette Wright


Tech Crunch

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