Steven Universe: Attack the Light! Video Game Coming to iOS

Steven Universe Attack the Light

Steven Universe Attack the Light

Steven Universe is an action comedy animated series that runs on Cartoon Network and was created by Rebecca Sugar, former writer, composer, and storyboard artist for Adventure Time. The show follows a young boy named Steven (based on her younger brother) that becomes a member of the Crystal Gems, an intergalactic group tasked with keeping the world safe. As Steven is a young boy, he has yet to fully grasp the extend of his powers, but loves to be included and join the Crystal Gems on their missions. His first game is coming to touch-screen devices and is called Steven Universe: Attack the Light!

Steven Universe: Attack the Light! Is a turn-based RPG that draws its inspiration from games Paper Mario. The game tries to incorporate the validity of the show into the game as much as it can. This can be seen in battle by the way that Steven operates, he does not attack and instead uses his Cheeseburger backpack to support the party.

Each character has their own attacks that require specific action from the player. Amethyst for example has a special attack that requires the player to rapidly slash at the screen, something rather similar to the experience felt while playing Fruit Ninja. The individual mini-games mid-battle give the game a fun sense of variation similar to what players experience when playing Mario and Luigi: Dream Team.

What is really interesting about combat is the lack of traditional Hit points (HP). Instead, the Crystal Gems share something called the “Harmony Gauge” which represents the synchronicity of the team, when a characters harmony dips too low they will be unable to use certain abilities, thus changing the approach to battle. The ability to end a turn is also given, meaning you can stockpile to unleash multiple devastating attacks in a single turn.

Outside of battle, the player will be given dialogue options which represent the relationship system between Steven and the party. It is said that these results will affect battles but the specifics have yet to be revealed. Also, there is no word on Gem-fusion yet, could the dialogue tree have something to do with it?

As a show, Steven Universe has a very specific and vibrant visual appeal. This is obviously a powerful essence that will be carried over to the game, however it has been a bit more simplified. Since Steven Universe: Attack the Light! is being made for touch-screen devices it would make sense to see more concepts around that premise. The dungeons, which adhere to their own themes and aesthetics, can be navigated with simple swipes that take the party from room to room. This simple navigation allows for finding battles rather quickly.

Steven Universe: Attack the Light! is being made by Grumpyface Studios with close association to Rebecca Sugar, who has created the storyline. The game currently has no price and is said to come out later this year, it can be expected on iOS, Android, and Amazon.

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