‘Fable Legends’: An Online Multiplayer Game But Still Story-Driven


Fable Legends is the next title in the popular video game saga by Lionhead Studios that will be presented as an online massive multiplayer title, but will still be story-driven like previous installments. Long time fans of the series have been wary on whether or not Lionhead is making a mistake by going online with Fable or if the act will amount to a great success.

Many online games that have numerous multiplayer features like Call of Duty have been known to have a simple hack-and-slash, blood bath style of gameplay that does not include a large narrative. The Fable series is famous for its very intricate story lines that only grow in-depth with each new installment that is released. The saga is also known for its ultimate character customization features.

Players will take control of their own individual “hero”, which is an actual race of individuals within the Fable universe as opposed to just a title, and alter him or her to their own liking. The character’s appearance will not only alter with the different clothing and weapon options available, but also with the player’s actions within the game. Kind and helpful actions lead to a luminous and beautiful-looking hero while hateful and cruel deeds create a haggard and evil appearance for the hero. This is feature trademarked by the Fable saga that has inspired many other role-playing games such as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and the latter Elder Scrolls titles including Oblivion and Skyrim.

When it was announced that the latest installment of the series would be made into an online gaming platform, a large percentage of the saga’s fan base seemed to tap out. Perhaps those that did not fancy the initial idea may be persuaded as game designer Lewis Brundish has spoken out on the matter.

Brundish stated that the nostalgic essence of a narrative story and similar elements will most definitely be evident in Legends. He continues to inform the community that he realizes the company has been focusing on the heavy combat features in many of the game’s demo trailers. The reasoning for this could be that Lionhead is aiming to broaden the spectrum of gamers who play Fable. Brundish finishes his statement by confirming that the title will be much more action-driven than past installments, but will undoubtably still take players on a narrative journey.

A new and exciting addition to the Legends installment will be the fact that players have the opportunity to take control of the story’s villainous antagonist for the first time in the saga. Players have always been able to transform their main hero into that of a ruthless villain, but never before has the option to play as the main quest’s antagonistic force been available. As the villain, players will set traps, organize a clan of minions to attack, insert intimidatingly massive boss-level creatures into the world and completely shape the adventure that the heroes will endure.

Although Fable Legends will drive the series into a new direction of online multiplayer games, the beloved story-driven factor will not be missed. A beta version of the new title will be available to play starting Oct. 16 and the full edition of the game is slated for a mid-2015 release date.

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By Cody Collier

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