‘Fable Legends’ to Feature Pre-Made Heroes [Video]


The newest installment of the Fable series of Xbox games entitled Fable Legends is said to be nixing the character customizing feature from previous titles and featuring pre-made playable heroes. These heroes will be categorized into different classes that specialize in each character’s strength and skills ranging from archery to magic.

Legends will feature ten different character classes for players to take control of in the game, although only seven of the ten have been announced so far. Sterling is the first hero audiences are introduced to as he sports a classic Fable wardrobe reflecting a similar style to Fable III’s King Logan. Sterling will wield a rapier and will be available as the most basic form of hero class without specializing in just one area.

The next character, Winter is a glacial mage that hones great strength in ice magic. Perhaps this model is an ode to Elsa the Snow Queen from Disney’s Frozen. The third hero is that of Rook, an archer class that produces great skill in ranged combat. The last of the initially announced heroes is Inga, a heavily armored knight class that wields an enormous shield.

The second wave of announced characters includes the likes of Shroud, a darker individual who serves under the assassin class. Leech is also a part of this ensemble, serving as a barber-surgeon who wields shadowy magic powers. The final announced hero is yet another magic user named Glory who makes very good use of explosive weapons.

Each of the characters are finely tuned in their design and look absolutely stunning. Every one stays true to the Fable style whilst bringing a touch of individual originality that has previously been unseen in the series. It is known that the characters will be able to level up their abilities and become stronger warriors, but it is still unconfirmed whether or not their physical appearance will be able to be adjusted, such as donning them with new wardrobe choices or changing hairstyles. This will undoubtably be a missed feature from previous titles if Lionhead does not include physical character customization.

Although the customizable features may be lacking, players will most likely be entertained thoroughly by the diversity of ten different playable heroes. Those who play Fable Legends could develop a partial connection to a certain character and enjoy the specificity of a single character as opposed to creating an original one from scratch. Personal preference is the deciding factor in this matter and it seems that Lionhead may have planned for the issue accordingly with the numerous hero classes.

As the game is undergoing development for the Xbox One, viewers are simply astounded by the beautifully pristine footage that is being showcased in the title’s trailers. Fable is known for having very picturesque settings and memorable locations throughout the entire series. With the other-worldly graphics of the Xbox One, Fable Legends is sure to be a visual feast.

The feature of pre-made heroes in Fable Legends is one that may win or lose numbers of fans. Perhaps the simplicity of only ten character types will intrigue more gamers and begin a new trend within the saga. A trailer featuring many of the aforementioned characters can be viewed below.

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  1. Rama   October 13, 2014 at 3:59 am

    “… it is still unconfirmed whether or not their physical appearance will be able to be adjusted, such as donning them with new wardrobe choices or changing hairstyles.”

    From the Legends Forum FAQ

    Q: Can I customize my Hero in “Fable Legends”?
    A: Yes. There are many you can make Heroes in “Fable Legends” your own. You’ll be able to customize Hero abilities, and make decisions about what they should specialise in as they grow in experience and power. Visually, you’ll be able to change several details of your Hero’s appearance by calling on the local hairdresser or magical make-up artist. Finally, your Hero may find new armours, weapons, and other treasures.


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