Former ‘7th Heaven’ Stars Say Stephen Collins Scandal Cost Them Earnings

Stephen Collins’ molestation scandal is costing his former co-stars big, or so claim two former actors from the show. Their financial trouble was detailed in a new statement released by their manager on October 12, 2014.

Caryn Moss, mother and manager to former 7th Heaven stars Sam and Niki Saletta, says that the family stopped receiving residual cheques from the show after multiple television networks axed all further airing of the show’s reruns. While she admits that the money coming from the reruns was in no way a large amount, she says that they had come to somewhat rely on the existence of the sum they did receive. The daughter was receiving slightly higher earnings than the son, given that she appeared in 18 episodes of the show while her brother only starred in six. In regards to whether or not she felt there was ever any issue surrounding Collins and her children themselves, she stated that she never suspected anything inappropriate was going on and that she was never concerned about the actor in the slightest.

TV Guide Network and UpTv pulled the aforementioned reruns almost immediately after Collins’ recorded confession hit the news, giving the statement that further episodes of the show would be cancelled indefinitely in light of the recent happenings. Although TVGN only had two more episodes of the series to air before they wrapped up reruns entirely, they were adamant in their decision to not appear in support of the actor in any form whatsoever. The aforementioned television networks are not alone in their severing all ties with the actor, as he has been fired from several upcoming gigs and removed from positions of authority at the organizations and charities he supports, as well as being dropped completely by his agent. There was also an incident surrounding a Facebook foundation for a terminally ill baby, when several supporting members became enraged with the infant’s father after seeing that he had tweeted Collins and been re-tweeted back in support of the cause.

The 67-year-old shocked millions when a tape containing his confession to molesting two girls under the age of 14 hit the internet, which was recorded during a therapy session the actor attended with his soon-to-be ex-wife. While Collins has not attempted to deny the incidents did occur, he and his lawyer are putting the wife on blast regarding what they feel are her true intentions surrounding the release of the tape (which they believe she was the one to leak on the internet, although she remains adamant that this is untrue.) They believe that Faye Grant has been using the recording to extort money out of Collins since their split in 2012, which still has yet to officially end in divorce. Grant has been vocal about her unhappiness surrounding the financial settlement in the breakup, stating that she now has no means of income and is entitled to her husband’s continued earnings since she gave up her own acting career to raise their daughter. The divorce trial is set to begin on November 12.

It remains to be seen whether or not Caryn Moss will attempt to pursue any legal action against Stephen Collins surrounding the lost earnings of her children following the cancellation of further 7th Heaven reruns. However, the woman does not seem to be interested in taking the matter any further for the time being.

By Rebecca Grace

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One Response to "Former ‘7th Heaven’ Stars Say Stephen Collins Scandal Cost Them Earnings"

  1. carynmoss   October 14, 2014 at 2:26 am

    Seeing I’M the one they’re all quoting I’ll set the record straight.

    TMZ has TWISTED everything we said & now of coarse the rest of you reporters are embellishing it further.

    It’s ridicules to quote I stated we stopped receiving residuals after reruns were axed.
    These reruns that just got axed, if they were still played, we wouldn’t have even seen them for about six months.
    Claiming I stated we relied on their existence is more than a real stretch.
    I might have to dig a few up if they’re still around, most came in around six bucks & weren’t even cashed.

    Sam, Niki nor myself has ever said or felt they were personally affected or cared at all about no longer getting residuals from 7th Heaven.

    I speak for their feelings as well as my own.
    TMZ was just looking for a negative story where there was none.

    When asking each of us our opinions of this current situation, we had nothing negative they could build on, so they conjured up anything that they thought might get talked about .

    The only reason Sam and Niki Saletta even agreed to interview was to state they had nothing but positive experiences with Stephen Collins throughout all the years they worked with him.Us Saletta’s liked & respected him very much.
    At this point our judgement is yet to be seen.
    We being very busy & not having much information on the breaking story involving Stephen Collins only hope that there’s no truth in it.

    As far as how the Saletta’s feel about reruns or future income from the show ceasing, it doesn’t personally affect their lives one way or another.
    All about that any of us stated or feel is thats its unfortunate for everyone involved from victims, accused, cast & crew all the way down to the loyal fans of the show.
    Many others may actually have something at stake, even if its just an emotional attachment to the show.

    They’re not canceling football games or folding pro teams because NFL players are beating their wife’s.

    The Saletta’s incomes are not affected in the least by the residuals from 7th heaven.
    As others know & even posted here, are usually not even enough to cash the checks. Seriously sometimes 3 bucks.

    Sam & Niki are doing fine, mostly more about music these days.
    Performing live events, writing, recording & placing their original works, doing a bunch of commercial vocals & studio gigs.
    Sam’s gearing up to launch an indigogo campaign to record his debut album.

    Anyway, if anyone cares what Sam or Niki care about, or are doing you can just google them.

    Caryn Moss

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