Fringe Reunion for a Movie Happening or Not? (Video)

FringeDespite the fact that it has been almost two years since Fringe ended after 5 seasons, numerous fans of the show are still hoping for a reunion. After the series finale in January 2013, the Executive Producer J.H. Wyman said that a Fringe movie could happen someday. Ever since, the fans are eagerly awaiting any news about the reunion of the show’s cast. So, will there be a cast reunion for a Fringe movie?

Well, according to recent interviews of some cast members, the reunion for the Fringe movie is not happening. At least for now.

Fringe aired between 2008 and 2013 and during this time, the show gained a massive amount of followers. It is safe to say that the show was and still is considered as one of the most influential shows ever. This show offered something new, something exciting. The characters were amazingly put together and each one of them slowly developed in these five years. The viewers bonded with Fringe characters in an indescribable way, as they laughed, cried and loved together with Walter, Peter, Olivia, Astrid, Broyles, Lincoln, Charlie any several others.

After the show ended, there was a lot of speculation about Fringe movie. However, the cast seems to be afraid to transfer the story to the big screen, since it may not work out as expected. Well, on the other hand, season finale left some possibilities for the continuation of the story.

For example, the movie could pick up where season five ended, when Peter received the white tulip from his father and he had no idea what it means. The Fringe movie could be about Olivia, Peter, Astrid and the others trying to figure out what happened to Walter and of course, finding a way to bring him back from the future. Despite the fact that he became a paradox when he went through that wormhole portal with Michael, Walter still lives somewhere in the future and Peter is most certainly on the top of the list of those could retrieve him.

However, for now, the Fringe fans will have to satisfy with the episodes that have been recorded, since there is currently no indication that the story of their favorite characters will continue any time soon. Just as a little refresher, here are some Walterisms, which most certainly brought a lot of laughter into the show and a video of the series finale, which made many, many fans crying their eyes out. The Fringe story might have ended, however, the characters continue to live in the hearts of many fans around the world.

“She (Fauxlivia) tricked my son with her carnal manipulations and he fell right into her vagenda.”

“You are my favorite thing, Peter. My very favorite thing.”

“Fire up that laser, Agnes. Let’s get that hand out of amber.”

“Abner, why did you leave the propane tank there if the first place?”

“Astral, I’m going to need a sharp scalpel and my long handle stainless spoon.”

“People die, it happens. Sometimes they even die twice.”

“Why would anyone kill a scientist? What did we ever do?”

“So much happened here. So much is about to.”

“Excellent! Let’s make some LSD!”

Opinion by: Janette Verdnik

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