Gender Equality or Mob Mentality

Gender Equality

A pro-gender equality stance is a given for nearly the entirety of western civilization, excepting only the occasional outliers living in rural pockets of genetic stagnation. Gone are the days when it was considered that the genital configuration of a person was a viable means to decide whether they could pursue a career as a doctor or a nurse. The world that Americans live in today has evolved to the point where the primary determinant factors of what a person can be when they grow up are their personal feelings on the subject, and their individual initiative. There are innumerable studies showing a plurality of advantages in demographic trends for women, and a deafening silence when one listens for voices of jealousy or resentment. Assertions that gender equality is under attack in America are the result of a socially radical advertising campaign seeking to propagate a mob mentality, or to establish an orthodoxy of thought against which one dare not speak. Gender equality as a religion, corrupted by its use in the pursuit of power.

Gender Equality
Misogyny tragically immortalized in crochet

The “war on women” narrative is empty, populist rhetoric that came into existence as a mechanism to persuade independent voters and mobilize the base, while simultaneously painting political opposition in the colors of the Third Reich. It represents the weaponization of gender equality. Women are not just the majority of college graduates, they are the majority of college graduates for every level of degree, from Associate’s to Ph.D., in every racial demographic category listed by the National Center for Education Statistics’ 2012 report, while also showing a steeper upward trend.

A 2009 report commissioned to CONSAD Research Corporation by the Department of Labor shows that the only tangible evidence of any wage gap at all is likely explainable by the limits of the data, as the raw numbers available do not consider relevancies such as tenure. When not including such unavailable data, the wage gap was shown to be between 4.8 and 7.1 percent, rather than the 23 percent widely disseminated throughout the news. This is according to the foreword written by the Department of Labor itself.

As for abortion rights, the United States is among the six nations on the planet with the widest window for elective abortion, and no restriction on abortion deemed medically necessary for the health of the mother. None of the facts, however, are sufficient to assuage the mob or heal the victim mentality that has been brought into the public conscience as a weapon of mass disinformation, with the intent to weaponize gender equality into a wedge issue.

America should be celebrating where it is. Its people ought to be afforded the psychological luxury of feeling

Gender Equality
Proof for Sarkeesian: Tetris is dripping with Patriarchy-backed Freudian innuendo

proud when they hear the numbers listed above, not ashamed or alarmed. Yet somehow these false claims regarding gender equality have gone viral, against the fact checking apparatus of the media. The words have been carried by celebrity endorsement on the winds of fickle popularity and social opportunism. There are not many willing to subject themselves to the backlash doubtlessly to follow criticizing the orthodoxy, and for many figures who make their livings off of the good will of sponsors and consumers of media, to do so would be suicide.

The liberal wing of American politics have in the past served the interests of the people by cautioning the collective conscience against charging off to war, and against running the youth through an involuntary system that would tell them that what they would do with their own bodies was a crime, and that they should die for territorial ambition. It also stood for real equality, with and without regard to gender, when standing was hard and the swimming happened against the current. With many of the actual liberties that they had sought to defend abandoned, and with a president of their own killing American citizens in foreign countries via drone strike without due process, strategists for liberal organizations and networks came up with the idea that they would simply create new threats to protect the public against. That is how the mob mentality took over gender equality, with thunderous applause as the moderates were run out-of-town.

Opinion by B. J. Whittemore




U.S. Department of Labor

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3 Responses to "Gender Equality or Mob Mentality"

  1. Jake   October 29, 2014 at 5:21 pm

    Oddly enough Brian, you may be closer to the cultural tides than you imagine.

    Just recently both Fredrik deBoer and Bill Clinton came out in public as condemning identity politics. Clinton himself called it poisonous and the greatest challenge for the future generation.

    Of course, I think this is only starting to come to a point because it’s pretty much paralyzed all types of political discourse inside the left and individuals like Anita Sarkeesian are quite capable and apt to take advantage of this.

  2. Mel   October 29, 2014 at 7:37 am

    It’s a good thing you’re a rambling right wing moron.l might have otherwise taken you seriously.

    • Brian Whittemore   October 29, 2014 at 2:19 pm

      I take your response to mean that I’m doing a decent job. I’ll be scared for my soul the day a particular party takes what I write to be an endorsement for them.


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