Grapefruit Returns to Mainstream, How To Enjoy It



Grapefruit returns to the mainstream diet scene with new research findings regarding its benefits, making learning how to enjoy it is more valuable than ever. From a girl’s youngest years she gathers different ideas on how to maintain her desired weight. In addition to regular diet and exercise, typically women step out of the straightforward methodology and look for quick-fixes in the form of fad diet trends. Some of the more natural ideas all involve a food-specific diet, one of which is the grapefruit juice diet.

Typically these trends have a short lifespan but grapefruit juice is one that has hung around for over 80 years and has a tendency to re-emerge. It has made it’s mark again and returned to the forefront with the release of a research study provided by the University of California, Berkeley. The study was conducted on laboratory mice and showed that including it in their diets actually can increase weight loss and that it may also have a positive effect on glucose sensors, thus assisting in the control of diabetes.

But day after day of eating a half grapefruit sprinkled lightly with sugar substitute is certainly no way to live. Here are some alternatives for how to use this fat-burning, health enhancing natural fruit.

Start off the day with an energy boost from Jennifer McLagan’s grapefruit tart. McLagan began making this tart for her husband early on in their marriage and, since then, he has requested she make it for him several times. At one point, McLagan sadly lost the recipe for about a decade and found it again several years ago, hidden inside one of her cookbooks. It is a French recipe by nature and, aside from making a hand rolled pastry instead of purchasing one, it offers a very easy and quick way to deliciously get your grapefruit fix. (Find the recipe link below)

One of the most popular ways to use it will be in the form of a tasty cocktail. There are recipes all over the Internet showing different ways to create delectable concoctions. Margaritas and martinis lead the pack of the most popular ways to make that morning grapefruit more enjoyable. But, in addition, other alternatives such as sorbet and grapefruit juice smoothies bring in creative ideas to consider as well. Won’t to be nice to know that, while relaxing for the day and enjoying tasty treats, the benefits of it is proving to diet and glucose levels is at work within the body?

Including it in a salad has endless possibilities. Fresh slices with avocado or fresco style with tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers may be one’s way beginning their own research study on the effects of eating too much grapefruit! Since we now know that it benefits the diet and diabetes, this may be the best time to jump on the bandwagon. As it returns to mainstream. learning how to use grapefruit will be the most important aspect that will allow people to maintain the benefits of its usage long-term.

Opinion by Bridgette Bryant


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  1. robandmelissaflintrobflint22   October 13, 2014 at 2:53 pm

    Ilove some grapefruit juice. Will sub it for my protein shake for a while and se what happens im doing the ethosien diet and i ve lost 40 lbs in about 4 months.


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