Green Day, Lou Reed, Sting and More: The 2015 Rock Hall Nominations

Green Day

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame released their nominations for the 2015 inductions on Thursday, a list that includes Green Day, Lou Reed, and Sting among the possible inductees. The ceremony will commence next year in Cleveland where the Rock Hall is located, although an exact venue has yet to be announced. The event will be open to the public, with tickets going on sale as soon as exact details have been confirmed and released.

The ceremony last year inducted Yusuf Islam, the artist formally known as Cat Stevens, along with a number of influential artists such as Linda Ronstadt and Nirvana. Nirvana’s first year for eligibility was last year, making them inductees on their first potential round through the process. Green Day and Nine Inch Nails, both being candidates this year, are eligible for the same honor of receiving the induction as soon as eligibility has been reached.

Eligibility for the Hall is fairly simple: the artist or band must have released their first single or album 25 years prior to their nomination, which is why Green Day and Nine Inch Nails are eligible, given that their debut records were released in 1989. Passing the eligibility year, however, does not guarantee any artist a spot in the nominations. Some artists wait a great number of years to be nominated, if they even receive the honor at all. As a result of this, controversy is sparked upon announcements each year as fans and critics weigh in on whether or not the nominees are worthy of the honor and questioning why others did not receive it.

The list that includes Green Day, Lou Reed, Sting, and many other artists for the 2015 Rock Hall nominations will be made available for public voting on the Hall’s website, though the results of the vote do not have any impact on the actual process, except that they may influence the real voters. There are 700 voters for the Hall, considered to be industry professionals whose opinions accurately reflect the popular belief of the community.

The more senior nominees include Lou Reed, Sting, Bill Withers, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and others. Both Lou Reed and Sting have already been inducted for their efforts in a band, Reed as part of the Velvet Underground and Sting with the Police. Many fans are praising the decision to nominate Reed, especially after the legend’s passing last October.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s website has already opened the online poll where fans can vote for artists like Green Day, Lou Reed, Sting and more for the 2015 nominations. Currently, Stevie Ray Vaughan is the fan favorite with over 20 percent of the vote. Green Day is close behind, with Bill Withers and Lou Reed trailing in third and fourth. The list is intended to reflect how diverse rock has become, which is why in addition to the rock artists, the Hall has also nominated electronic, R&B, and rap artists as well. The Rock Hall is aiming to be expand the focus of their nominations every year, recognizing artists that may not be traditionally categorized as rock and roll.

By Brett Stewart

The Rock Hall
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