Halloween Movies That Must Be Watched


Halloween movies are a must-watch when it comes to celebrating the holiday correctly. Candies, costume, kids and parties make up one of the most fun and entertaining times of the year for all age groups. Oct. 31 is a time when children, college students and the parent who drew the short end of the stick get to drop the normal clothes and show some real personality, but after the running around and dressing up is over it is time to watch some scary movies.

Scary movies are good all days of the year, but there is something about this night that brings out the perfect situation to bust out the greatest scary movies of all time. Halloween needs a special kind of scary movie though: a movie with personality and entertainment more than just the average jump-out-the-seat thriller.

A good Halloween movie starts with Hocus Pocus, known as the best Halloween movie to watch. It came out in 1993 and is about three sister witches that come back from the dead after three centuries and rain terror all over a Massachusetts town. The movie is happening right on Oct. 31, so there are costumes and parties and talking cats. This is a great movie to watch and eat some candy as the movie has a few laughs and a few screams.

E.T. is a fantastic Halloween movie, a very popular and successful Steven Spielberg movie about an extra-terrestrial who is found by a little boy and befriends the boy. The important plot of the movie is the boy is trying to help E.T. get back home to his alien planet. The movie is also filmed near Halloween time. It brings us tears, laughs, excitement, adventure and wonderful visual effects that make this a definite win in the category of good Halloween movies.

It would not be Halloween if people looking for a good movie did not watch the movie Halloween. Halloween came out in 1978 and is the perfect representation of a scary movie to watch on Oct. 31. If the name did not give it out, the plot will sure make it worth a watch on the night of the living dead. Halloween is about a psychopathic murderer who is out on the loose to stalk and kill some adolescent girls. He is being chased by his doctor from the hospital from which he escaped. Thrills, chills, gore, jumps, screams and heart pounds are expected as this movie occurs on the night of Oct. 31. If this one is not enough to do the trick, movie-lovers can watch any of the other six movies in the series, plus two more that were remade by legendary rocker and thriller director Rob Zombie.

This is a time when people get to see some freaky stuff. So, movies for this day should show some freaky stuff, and any movie done by Rob Zombie shows wild and freaky things. That is why House of 1000 Corpses is a great movie to watch on freaky night. It is a great, thrilling and bizarre movie that came out in 2003 and is about a couple of teenagers who end up in the backwoods of Texas and right into the hands of a family of sadistic serial killers. This movie has terror and guts and creative stomach-turning scenes. It is sure to be exactly what is needed to celebrate Halloween.

This is the best time to watch some scary Halloween movies. The spookiness that is heard from the windy night outside just adds to the suspense. The dark living room and the covers there to keep safe with the windows closed make it the perfect setting to celebrate the night. This night is always a chance to lose one’s self and enjoy the fruits of the nighttime like candy and a glass of blood-resembling red wine.

Opinion By Evan Linneman



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  1. Owen Bryson   October 27, 2014 at 6:48 am

    On Halloween you must beware!!! For frightful things are everywhere!!!
    So you make sure you bring your Fun Flashlight this year : )



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