Halloween: The Return of Michael Myers Is a Possibility


Halloween (1978), the original movie directed by John Carpenter, was recently screened by the producer of the current Halloween series, Malek Akkad, at a press conference in Orlando, Florida. While Akkad did not say very much, as far as details about a new movie in the beloved horror franchise goes, he did state that a script for one is being finalized and there will be a new Halloween movie made. He did not specify if it would be a reboot or an entirely new flick featuring Michael Myers. However, the return of Michael Myers is definitely one possibility.

The site, Dread Central, suggests that the new movie will be a reboot of the third movie of the franchise, Halloween 3: Season of the Witch. That is because director Rob Zombie, who directed reboots of the first two movies of the franchise, stated he did not want to direct a third one. Whether he specifically meant he did not want to direct a reboot of Season of the Witch, though, or one after that, is a matter of conjecture.

Though Season of the Witch had its good moments, it was a movie that did not have the iconic horror fixture, Michael Myers, in it, making it rank low on the list of favorite movies in the franchise. For many fans of the Halloween films, Michael Myers has become the poster boy of the franchise and of October 31, the “Reason for the Season,” so to speak.

Among other statements, Malek Akkad mentioned that ten films had already been made, and that he and others are “working on eleven as we speak.” He added that “a script is currently in the works,” and that there is supposed to be a “new draft” for him to read “the day before Halloween.”

Akkad’s mention of that there have been “ten films” made has led some fans to assume that the next movie will be an entirely new one, in which somehow Michael Myers will be brought back to life once again, or his spirit will possess somebody and in that way, in a new body, Myers will continue the carnage he has wrought in previous movies.

There have been no new movies made featuring Michael Myers since Rob Zombie’s reboot of Halloween II in 2009. Critics did not like it very much and it also did not do great at attracting large audiences to movie theaters, either. Zombie’s reboot of the first movie made a respectable $80 million, while the reboot of the second one just took in $39 million worldwide.

While it is possible that the next Halloween movie will be a reboot of Season of the Witch, with any luck at all, it will be either a reboot of a later movie in the series featuring Michael Myers or, better yet, an entirely new film with Myers in it.

While reboots can be cool and entertaining, if Malek Akkad is talking about a script for an entirely new Michael Myers movie, that would likely attract fans of the franchise to a much greater extent than news about yet another reboot. Why cover old ground, when there is a lot of potential to take the franchise further, and continue the legend of the man with no remorse, the man who would not die, Michael Myers?

Will the next Halloween movie be a reboot of the third one, Season of the Witch, or of a movie later in the series? Or, will it be an entirely new one, taking the Halloween franchise to greater heights of success at the box office? Fans of the Halloween franchise everywhere are crossing their fingers that Akkad has a slew of new ideas to enliven the character of Michael Myers and terrify an entire new generation of theater-goers.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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