Breaking Bad Toys Are Making Bad Noise

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Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad action figures are being sold at children’s stores and are making some noise among parents. Walter White really knew how to market and sell products, and now it seems as though Toys R Us wants to quit it’s job selling toys for younger children and start a market manufacturing Breaking Bad actions figures; perhaps they will change their name to “Toys-enberg” as well. Most likely not, but they are defending themselves from scrutiny by saying that there is an “adult section” of the store and that is where the toys are being sold.

It comes as no surprise that something like guns are being sold around children. Guns are all over children’s video games or all over television programs for children. Children are not totally hidden from exposure to drugs and guns. Water guns, Nerf guns, BB guns and rubber band guns are completely common in children’s lives. Toys like Transformers action figures and Samus from Super Smash Bros are both toys with guns on them. What makes Breaking Bad action figures so bad is the fact that some of these action figures comes with little bags of crystal meth. Drugs may not be something that younger children are familiar with.

Breaking Bad, the television show on AMC was wildly famous and became one of the most watched shows on TV during its time. The story of a chemistry teacher with cancer that decides to quit his job to start manufacturing crystal methamphetamine along with his former student and current marijuana dealer. Nothing screams out children and toys more than making meth, cancer, and drug dealers. The show was famous among an older crowd of people, typically the ones that are awake past nine pm. The show was a great success, and makes sense that collectibles and marketing pieces are made for the show. There are places to sell products like these, and normally a children’s toy store is not the first option. Perhaps selling the toys in little baggies from street corner to street corner could be a better option.

Of course with something as ridiculous as drug and gun representation happening at a profoundly children dominant store, there will be some angry people and, specifically, some very angry parents. The angriest appears to be a Florida mom named Susan Shrivjer, who led a petition to get the toys removed. She went on The Today Show and started getting signatures. Last report was that there was over 2,200 signatures signed. The Toys R Us Facebook page was recorded as being blown up with furious parents calling for the products to be taken off of the store shelves.

With Breaking Bad making so much “Bad” noise; he astonishing thing about the demand for recall is that Toys R Us is defending itself and pushing to keep the items. The store is claiming that the toys are being sold in adult sections for 15 and up customers. Toys R Us seems to have decided that once children hit 15 years old, they are at a good enough age to be identifying with drugs and guns. The next steps in the process is seeing just how many petition signatures are collected, and there is not much time left before the holidays begin, and places like Toys R Us get a massive loading of parents and children in their stores, hopefully parents are not Breaking Bad amounts of toys once they see them on the shelves.

Opinion by Evan Linneman




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