The Originals Season 2 Episode 3: Every Mother’s Son [Recap/Review]

The Originals

Every Mother’s Son, the third episode of The Originals season two, went further into Ester’s plans for her children. It is now clear to the Mikaelson brothers that their mother is back, and they need to do something. The trouble is that she could jump bodies, and they need to know who she will be the next time she does that.

Elijah and Marcel are in search of a witch who will be able to help them. Elijah comes across Lenore, who quite simply tells them that they will need a python and an item that the witch they want to track originally spelled. That should not be too difficult to find considering their mother’s actions 1,000 years ago.

As with many episodes of The Originals, flashbacks tell the tale much better. Klaus tells Hayley all about the time that Esther turned them into immortal beings so she no longer feared losing one of them after the death of their little brother Henrik, but then remembers a sweeter time. He remembers when he would turn to his mother when he was scared or upset. She also tells Klaus that he’s the “most special” of her children, while giving him a necklace that will protect him.

Of course, that necklace becomes the item that Lenore will use for her spell to track the witch. However, Klaus needs to get it back, and it is in the hands of no other than Marcel. While everyone is involved in getting hold of the spell ingredients, Lenore is left unattended. It leads to a possible end to the spell in Every Mother’s Son, the third episode of The Originals’ second season.

Finn kidnaps Lenore in the attempt to find out what his brothers want. He then leaves her with Oliver, who is secretly on Hayley’s side. Of course, the two antagonist Original Vampires get their hands back on the witch.

The argument between Original brothers Klaus, Elijah and Finn is not the fight that many would expect considering previous episodes. There is an upper class style to this fight on The Originals. Their fight is through snide remarks and clearly formed sentences. Elijah shows to be the better of the three, by keeping his voice steady and calm when everyone else seems ready to attack.

Possibly the greatest twist in this week’s episode of The Originals was the spell on the necklace. Esther never really wanted to strengthen her younger son or really protect him. The spell was designed to weaken him so that he could not kill anyone. She knew that the child had werewolf blood, and needed to prevent the curse from being activated. While there was that benefit, it also meant that he was a weakling in Mikael’s eyes, and that led to the disdain that his father had for him, long before Mikael knew about his true parentage.

Finally, Esther gets the new body that she has wanted; Lenore. Luckily, Lenore has finished the spell and Hayley is there to see the change. Esther then shares the true reason she is here. She wants to give Klaus, Elijah and Hayley the chance to have the life they should have had. She wants to put them into new bodies. It will not be a surprise to many when Klaus and Elijah turn down the proposal. Hayley considers the option, and it is unclear where that storyline is going to go right now. All that is for certain is Esther will do everything to “help” her children, which comes at the very end of episode three of The Originals season two, Every Mother’s Son.

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