Halloweens Most Extreme Haunted House in the World [Graphic Video]

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Halloween brings out haunted houses by the thousands, but McKamey Manor is being touted as the most extreme and frightening one in the world. To even enter one must be 21 years old, sign a disclaimer and have advance reservations to be fully immersed in this hands-on experience. Fans of walking through these seasonal events have no idea how extreme the experience can be, and a person in a mask jumping out to scare the visitor is not on the agenda of this haunted house.

The promotional video below is from 2013, and gives the viewer just a taste of what they will get if they are selected to be one of the few that are allowed to enter this Halloween season. Be forewarned that this is no ordinary walk through, as touching, gagging and coming out bloody is on the agenda, and this is putting it mildly.

HalloweenCalifornia is the state that hosts this one-of-a-kind interactive fright fest, and the walk-through took a minimum of two hours last year. If starring in a horror film is on the bucket list, this is as close as one can get without actually being cast in a movie. Along with the age requirements, potential victims are asked to sign disclaimers stating, among other things, that they are in good physical health. Signing this document is the first scary part, as it sets the mind to racing in many directions as to what could be in store and how extreme it really may be.

The creator of McKamey Manor, Russ McKamey, has even more in store for the brave that dare to enter this Halloween. He stated that this year he revamped the entire show and opened it to test his “experiment of terror.” The shows this year are four to seven hours long, and his 2014 video is over an hour in duration, as he is explaining why he had to tone down some of his theatrics because not a single person has made it through yet. McKamey explains that a Marine and an adrenaline junky were immersed in the new show, and each had to be removed due to medical issues that he refused to explain. He does however, explain that in one case the mind gave out and in another the body gave out. The illusion of facing a horrifying death was just too real.

Not just for Halloween anymore, this extreme experience is open year round, and the only way to get in is to go to their website and make reservations. The website also boasts the fact that this show has been featured on Making Monsters and Halloween’s Craziest. The site also has the back story to this most extreme haunted house experience. It is said that this was at one time an asylum, with thousands of the world’s most psychotic patients moving through the system since the 50’s. The website also shows footage of the last visitor that made it through, and the abject terror is so apparent on the faces of those that choose to subject themselves to this experience that it makes one question whether or not they are strong enough to survive.

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