Amanda Bynes Placed Under 5150 Hold Once More

Amanda Bynes has been placed under a 5150 psychiatric hold once again after her parents pulled an elaborate heist to trick her into arriving at a facility outside Los Angeles. The events took place in the mid-afternoon of October 10, 2014.

The 28-year-old was reportedly under the impression that the car she had hired was taking her to The London Hotel, a prestigious lodging accommodation in Los Angeles. Rather, her parents had made prior arrangements in order for the car service to take her to the aforementioned rehabilitation hospital.

The facility is said to be located in Pasadena, which is approximately 20 minutes outside of L.A. Instead of meeting her parents and their lawyer at the aforementioned hotel, Bynes arrived at the hospital to be unexpectedly greeted by the attorney and several doctors. The doctors immediately placed the actress under the 5150, under which she will be held for a total of 72 hours. The hold can reportedly be extended for a period of two weeks, and sources close the family have alleged that the extra 14 days will be used to apply for an addition conservatorship following the recent expiration of the first. The conservatorship is said to be gratefully welcomed by concerned friends and family, especially after viewing the bizarre manner in which Bynes arrived at LAX, in which she exhibited extremely erratic behavior and mannerisms.

The 5150 hold comes one week after the California native arrived in New York City, which she left Los Angeles for following her arrest for driving under the influence of Adderall. Her bizarre behavior began from the moment she left LAX, when she was photographed acting in an extremely paranoid manner while at an airport restaurant.

Bynes landed at JFK with an unexplained bandage over her face, and spent the next day or so aimlessly wandering around the city while dressed in very unusual layers of clothing. She alarmed the public by riding her bike haphazardly through the crowded Penn Station area of Manhattan, almost knocking over several pedestrians along her way, and following this incident up by allegedly attempting to shoplift twice in one day. On the first occasion, Bynes was said to have been dancing and muttering to herself in the Upper East Side’s Pookie & Sebastian store, this being before she attempted to walk out of the premises with a shirt between her arms. The incident was resolved peacefully, however, after she agreed to pay for her merchandise without any further conflict.

One hour later, security stopped her from leaving a Manhattan Barney’s with an unpaid hat worth $200. The actress claimed that she had every intention to pay for the item, but left her payment in the car and was too distracted by an overzealous fan to pay attention to the fact that she was still in possession of the hat. She was subsequently released by security.

It remains to be seen whether or not Amanda Bynes’ parents will be granted another conservatorship following the end of her most recent 5150 hold. However, sources close to the situation remain adamant that renewing the conservatorship is the best possible solution for her recent troubles.

By Rebecca Grace

Mail Online

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  1. Parker Gabriel   October 11, 2014 at 4:03 pm

    This was a trick to get Bynes back to where the death sentence handed down against her, after she was found guilty of the crime of being insane, could be executed!!!

    That means EVERYONE involved in making and keeping her guilty of being insane and having her MURDERED should be found GUILTY, and OF her murder!!!


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