‘Hitch’ Movie Becoming a Show [Video]


Hitch won over audience members as a blockbuster romantic comedy almost a decade ago and it seems the story has not yet finished. Now, lead actor Will Smith wants to bring some of that magic from the big screen to Fox with a Hitch-inspired television series. Grossing over $370 million, there is no surprise that the Smith team and Fox network are determined to milk the romantic comedy even further into a franchise. The single-shot camera series will be backed by some of the original team from the Sony Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures TV such as Hitch‘s Will Smith and James Lassiter’s Overbrook Entertainment.

The Kevin Bisch written film is a modernized, urban romantic comedy with a little bit of a twist. The cast involves a smooth matchmaker with a jilted past, an independent and head strong writer who did not believe in love, a quirky and goofy investment banker with interesting dance moves, and a beautiful heiress to unveil a tale of finding that perfect match. The lead character Alex “Hitch” Hitchens, played by Will Smith, was a successful modern-day cupid who worked behind-the-scenes to help those unlucky with love find their soul mates. Hitch ends up taking on goofy investment banker Albert Brennaman, played by Kevin James, to woo a celebrity client of his investment firm while, also, beginning a relationship of his own with gossip columnist and workaholic Sara Melas played by Eva Mendes. Thanks to Hitch’s help in boosting Kevin James’ character’s confidence, the high-profiled beauty Allegra Cole, played by Amber Valletta, seems to take towards his advances.

All seems well until Mendes’ character discovers who and what Hitch does and exposes him through a scandalous article. Valletta’s character quickly ends her relationship with Kevin James’ character because she believes she was tricked into falling in love with him. Of course no romantic comedy would be complete without a happy ending. Hitch and Albert are able to help both women realize that their affections are true and identify how they truly feel about each other, respectively. In a couple of scenes of simple dialogue and tear-jerking background music, the couples end up making it through their differences and misunderstandings to end up back together.

Although most romantic comedies are far from the realistic aspects of modern dating, the series is set to draw loosely from the fantasy that is the 2005 film. Both Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith are tagged as executive producers to the Fox series. Written by Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont, the comedic series will explore modern-day romance, dating and sexual politics in the workplace.

This is the third attempt at making the romantic comedy a television series by Sony TV and Overbrook Entertainment in the past decade and the second sale for Kaplan and Elfont this season. Already attempted to be made into an hour-long series by Fox in 2010 with a different set of writers, the show may finally get to see the light of day thanks to an open market and growing trend of popular movies becoming series. A list of other movie titles also becoming ongoing TV series are Rush Hour, Minority Report, Marley and Me, Monster-In-Law, Bachelor Party, Real Genius, Big, The Illusionist  and Bachelor Party.

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