Iggy Azalea Furious With Snoop Dogg Over Instagram Joke

Iggy Azalea is furious with fellow rapper Snoop Dogg over a joke he posted on Instagram, in which he made fun of how the Australian looked without makeup. The 24-year-old fired back at Snoop via Twitter shortly after the original post, although she has since removed her reply from the social media site.

Over the weekend, Snoop posted a picture of a woman who appeared to be albino, with her hair back in cornrows and a very noticeable lack of eyebrows. The picture contained a caption comparing the woman to how Azalea herself looked without makeup, something the latter did not find to be amusing in the slightest. Her Twitter update detailed her hurt feelings over the picture, and questioned the rapper as to why he would share such a mean image. She also asked Snoop why he constantly asked his security to request pictures with her whenever the two were at the same event, if he was going to turn around and pull such an unkind stunt. She wrapped up the post by informing Snoop that she was disappointed by the fact that he would willingly be such a jerk for no apparent reason.

The Australian native has been making headlines quite frequently in the past few weeks, mostly concerning a bitter feud she is involved in with her ex-boyfriend and ex-manager, Hefe Wine. The conflict started back in September, when Wine began threatening to publish a video that allegedly contained physical intimacy between the two, which is said to have been filmed back when they were still romantically involved. Azalea did not immediately admit involvement in said recording, although she eventually confirmed the possibility by stating she would sue anyone who attempted publication of the tape in any way. This included Vivid Entertainment honcho Steven Hirsch, who reportedly offered Azalea a total of six figures if she was willing to hand over permission to publish it. Wine himself remains adamant that he would have every right to publish the recording if he felt so inclined, based on a contract the singer signed with him back when the two were working together. The contract states that he had the right to distribute his client’s image or likeness in any manner he wished, based on the premise that he would be helping establish her musical career. He went on to claim that if he created a website solely for publication of said tape, he could get away with it based on the grounds that he was sharing her work as he had permission to, via the aforementioned contract.

Azalea’s ex began to stir up even more drama just last week, when he made the move to file for divorce from her and subsequently collect half of her earnings from when the two were still associated. He claims that the two were in a common law marriage over the years they were in a relationship, and therefore he is entitled to his share of any money she gained throughout that time. Azalea says such claims are absolutely ridiculous, and that the two have never been entered into a marital union of any kind. She attributes Wine’s allegations to nothing more than a desperate money grab, something she says he turned to after the aforementioned sex tape threats did not go as well as he had planned.

It remains to be seen whether Snoop Dogg will issue Iggy Azalea any kind of apology following her upset over his recent Instagram joke. For the time being, however, he has remained mum on the matter and allowed the picture in question to remain posted on his account.

By Rebecca Grace

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  1. Erick j. Mosby   October 13, 2014 at 10:44 pm

    I do think Iggy is a pretty woman. With or without makeup. Yes, the makeup makes her more attractive, but she is far from being ugly.


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