Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin Split Up After Four Months of Dating

LawrenceAccording to US Weekly, the romance between Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin is over, since the couple split up after only four months of dating. Jennifer and Chris started dating in June 2014, shortly after she broke up with her boyfriend Nicholas Hoult, with whom Lawrence was in a relationship for nearly four years.

This surprising development in their relationship came shortly after several rumours started suggesting that Jennifer and Chris are planning to have a baby. It appears that their relationship was not that serious at all, since a source, close to the couple, said that the relationship between Lawrence and Martin was pretty rocky, because of their insane schedules. Despite the fact that the two of them really like each other, it was just too complicated with so much going on.

Jennifer and Chris were not actually photographed together so many times, so several people believe that they were not even dating. However, since the moment that first reports started tying Lawrence and Chris together, media daily reported on their alleged relationship. Several reports claimed that the couple is about to get engaged and have a child, while other reports even claimed that Chris already introduced Jennifer to his children and his wife Gwyneth Paltrow was allegedly so furious because of this that she even attacked Lawrence over the phone. However, it now seems that it was all just a whole lot of rumours and the relationship between Jennifer and Chris was not so serious after all.

News about the split comes just a few days after Chris was spotted on a family dinner with his estranged wife Gwyneth Paltrow, who was later caught when she tenderly stroked the Coldplay singer’s face in Los Angeles. Many reports then suggested that the two of them might get back together, since they still did not file their divorce papers yet. And unlike many other famous couples, Martin and Paltrow remained on good terms after their separation.

Despite the fact that Jennifer and Chris may have not been pictured together many times, she definitely made her love for Coldplay singer known. Earlier this month, Lawrence was seen supporting Martin at his guest performance at the Hollywood Bowl at the Kings Of Leon concert. Furthermore, Jennifer also went to see him with Coldplay at the iHeart Radio Music Festival, despite the fact that she had her own busy filming schedule. According to some reports, Jennifer’s grandmother Carolyn Koch revealed that The Hunger Games star’s mother flew to Los Angeles to meet Chris. Carolyn even said that they will now have to get another chair for the dinner table at Christmas.

Well, since Jennifer and Chris decided to go their separate ways, no extra chair will be needed. While several reports claim that Lawrence is in fact the one, who dumped Martin, many people are wondering if Gwyneth had something to do with this breakup, since she and Chris seem to be quite close again. Regardless of the fact who actually dumped whom, Jennifer’s and Chris’ love story ended before it even really started.

By: Janette Verdnik

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