Jimmy Fallon Talks Baseball With Yankees Great Derek Jeter [Recap &Video]

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon had an awesome lineup of guests on Thursday’s episode of the Tonight Show. His first guest of the evening was the Yankees great, Derek Jeter, who Fallon talked baseball with! Then, Fallon’s second guest was actor James Marsden (The Best of Me). The musical guest was one of the hottest acts of today, the group 5 Seconds of Summer!

Fallon welcomed his audience to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and then he began his monologue, joking about people and newsworthy items. First, he told the audience who the guests would be, then he made jokes about the White House security scandal and the resigning of the head of security.

Then, he said “The GOP is in a little bit of trouble for using a stock photo of a black woman in which they claim she is a Republican. The same woman has been used in several other adds, like in this one about selling glasses.” He then showed other stock photos used in other ways — it was a pretty humorous comedy bit.

“I read that the CW is coming up with a new mystery series, Bonehouse. To learn more about Bonehouse, please do not Google Bonehouse,” Fallon said.

“General Mills, the makers of Cheerios, is planning to cut some 8,000 jobs. Their earning reports are all zeros. Oh, no, wait — those are Cheerios,” he quipped.

“A kid in upstate New York posed for his yearbook photo with lasers in the background and holding a cat. I think it’s pretty hilarious,” Jimmy Fallon said.

Then, Tariq from The Roots, followed by Questlove and James Posey, all said that the kid had stolen their idea, and showed photos of themselves holding cats with laser lights in the background.

“Tomorrow night, Emma Thompson will be here! We’re going to play a game of Password and some surprise guest might stop by. Dane Cook will also be here! Then, on Monday, tune in because will.i.am and I recorded a song together. I want to break into the Billboard 100. Even 99 would be good,” Fallon said.

Jimmy Fallon again mentioned who his guests would be, Derek Jeter, James Marsden (The Best of Me) and 5 Seconds of Summer. It should be a terrific show!

“It’s time for Tonight Show Hashtag! We use Twitter on every single week — on Wednesday, I started the hashtag #Fallsongs and here are some of them from you guys. 5 Seconds of Summer will sing the lyrics to the songs you tweeted.” Check out the video below to hear 5 Seconds of Summer sing the songs!

After a commercial break, Jimmy Fallon was back with his first guest of the Tonight Show, the Yankees baseball great who just recently played in his last game and retired, Derek Jeter! “Please welcome a 14 time All Star, a 5 time World Champion, please welcome the ‘Captain,’ Derek Jeter!”

“Thank you so much for stopping by! Before we get started, could you sign all of there photos?”

“If I had as much energy as Jimmy Fallon, I’d be able to play five more years,” Jeter said.

Jimmy Fallon related to Jeter about how he felt as he watched Derek Jeter play in his last game. Jeter said “I thought I’d lose it on the field in the 10th inning, that I’d break down and cry.”

The game went to another inning, and Derek Jeter hit the game-winning single. “I passed Lou Gehrig when Jimmy was there,” Jeter said. “I don’t want to speak bad about you, but it’s so awkward. Jimmy doesn’t know what to do with his hands.” They showed a clip of the single, with Fallon in the background, as he put it, “clapping like a puppet.”

“During every inning, there was a Jumbotron with everybody in the world saying ‘Goodbye’ to you,” Jimmy said. He was obviously very excited and happy to be interviewing Derek Jeter.

“Before I had my last at bat, I knelt down and said ‘God, if you have any more magical moments, pleae let one be right now,'” Jeter said. He did have a very magical moment, when he hit the game-winning single.

Jimmy Fallon read off numerous baseball records that Derek Jeter has that might not ever get broken. “The media’s been fair with me. They criticize, but I have no complaints with the media,” Jeter said.

Fallon said “More than likely, they will retire your number, and it’s the last single-digit number that the Yankees have and it will probably get retired.”

“I didn’t expect people to be cheering for me or saying nice things, but it felt good. I’d be lying to you if I said that it didn’t,” Jeter told Fallon.

“You have this new website, The Players’ Tribune. I think it’s a brilliant idea,” Fallon said. The site gives athletes another place to express themselves, according to Jeter.

“Check out The Players’Tribune.com and there will be more Derek Jeter after the break, you guys,’ Jimmy Fallon said, and the Tonight Show went to another commercial break.

“His new book, Derek Jeter Unfiltered, will be out soon,” Fallon said after the break.

Fallon showed the audience some pretty cool photos of Derek Jeter from the book. They were all in black-and-white. Fallon said that the photos and the book will let fans see a different side of Derek Jeter.

“This is another book you have out. It’s called The Contract. It’s more of a book for young adults and it’s already number 2 on the New York Times Bestsellers’ list.”

“If I didn’t do everything on a contract that my mom and dad had me sign, I couldn’t do sports,” Jeter related. “It helped me set goals.”

Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon went to yet another commercial break. When the show came back, Fallon introduced his second guest, actor James Marsden.

“You know our next guest, actor James Marsden, from his roles in The Notebook, Enchanted, the X-Men movies and now he’ll be starring in The Best of Me,” Fallon exclaimed.

Jimmy asked him about his having flown to London to promote the movie. He described a phone interview with a Scottish lady, and his difficulty in understanding her questions.

“I grew up in Oklahoma,” Marsden said to Fallon. Then, he mentioned a place in California where people would go, drink shots of tequila and ride horses. “I saw Fabio on a horse. It was a little dumpy horse.”

“You’ve been in whole lot of different movies. Do you have fans from all of the different genres?” Fallon asked James.

“There was a guy on the street who asked me if he could get a picture taken with me. He looked like a MMA fighter. He told me his favorite movie I’ve been in is The Notebook,” Marsden answered, surprised at the guy’s choice.

Marsden said that “This is similar to The Notebook in that there are two different story lines, possibilities of what might happen.” Jimmy Fallon showed a very cool clip from the movie. It looks like it would be a great date flick.

Jimmy Fallon

“Performing their hit single Good Girls, please welcome 5 Seconds of Summer!” Jimmy Fallon said. They were terrific! They were one of the acts at the Las Vegas iHeartRadio Music Festival not long ago and they rocked the place out. The group did the same on the Tonight Show. 5 Seconds of Summer might be a “boy band,” but they are one that knows how to rock!

The Tonight Show was a very special one, as Jimmy Fallon got to interview one of his favorite Yankees players of all time, number 2 but number 1 in the hearts of his many fans, Derek Jeter. Then, the second guest of the episode was actor James Marsden, who is starring in the upcoming movie, The Best of Me. 5 Seconds of Summer were the musical guests, the frosting on the cake!

Written By Douglas Cobb

5 Seconds of Summer sing #Fallsongs on Tonight Show

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