Haven: Much Ado About Mara or Audrey Is That You?

Haven: Much Ado About Mara or Audrey Is That You?

This week’s episode of Haven is titled Much Ado About Mara although it could have been alternatively titled Audrey is that you since Parker keeps popping up every now and then like a stubborn bubble or bad penny. Nathan figured out last week that if he treated Mara like Audrey, by the rather practical method of tickling the woman into submission, or into Audrey to be more correct, other folks have had varying degrees of success getting in touch with the nicer side of Mara.

Audrey keeps showing up for scant seconds, each time asking to be saved as well as giving little tidbits of information about what Mara really knows and relaying warnings to Nathan, at first, and then to Duke. Both he and Wournos try to explain to Dwight that Parker is in there with Mara but he does not buy it till much later in the show. Haven will have to go through a few more problems before “G.I.Joe” is convinced.

While this episode has its fair share of disturbing events; dead birds that fall out of the sky, hard as a rock, water that boils in a barrel and people whose eyes turn white just before they drop dead, there was a great bit of comic relief from Eric Balfour as Duke Crocker. Mara, along with the help of Audrey, takes a trouble out of Duke to keep his head from exploding.

The trouble chosen leaves Duke speaking pure gibberish as proven when the two of them leave the cabin, with Mara asking that no one shoot her once they get outside. When Mitchell spits on the ground and says that Mara is responsible for a lot of deaths in Haven, Duke nods wisely and says, “bother bladder polka dot.” In Much Ado About Mara this week there are many who want to kill Mara, or at least try to whether Audrey is in there or not. That Parker is still there has to be proven by Nathan and Duke to an unbelieving Dwight who tells the two men, “that you have got to stop doing this,” a double meaning that includes escaping and insisting that Parker is still there.

Kudos have to be given to Balfour for his sterling, and very straight, delivery of such verbal gems as “Mousey nuts, my smelly belly,” and “Hubble clump witchie didgeridoo.” What is brilliant about Duke’s new trouble is that he cannot even communicate via written note. When Mara tells Nathan about Parker and Duke’s little dalliance in Colorado, Crocker rushes over and writes a note. Nathan reads it out loud and the two words on the paper are, “Delicious taco.”

The only thing that anyone really learns in this episode is that Audrey only knows what Mara is thinking at a certain point and that she, Audrey, cannot stop the troubles. Haven ends on a very negative note when Mara realizes that the three men who ganged up on her to bring Parker out have succeeded. Angrily Mara swears that she will now kill Parker. Dave and Vince also have a disturbing incident with a therapist who loses time and the results of Dave’s disturbing hypnotic regression.

In Haven: Much Ado About Mara, or Audrey is that you, one thing is for certain, Parker’s days are numbered and sadly, Duke’s gibberish trouble has passed all too soon or as Crockett might have said in the beginning of the episode, “Bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny…Rabbit.” Haven airs next week on Friday instead of Thursday.

By Michael Smith




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  1. Paul Butler   October 5, 2014 at 2:02 am

    I think it would be more fun if she stayed as Mara. I like the idea of turning everything on its head by the hero becomning the villain. Just my thought…


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