Joan Rivers Died After Her Oxygen Was Cut Off


It is being reported that Joan Rivers died after oxygen to her body was cut off while she was going through a medical procedure at a private clinic on New York’s Upper East Side, stated several different media sources on Thursday. The city’s Medical Examiner declared that Rivers’ death was categorized as being a “therapeutic complication.” That means her demise were due to a probable complication of medical therapy.

Rivers was undergoing an endoscopy and was having her throat examined for voice change evaluation and also gastroesophageal reflux disease when she died. The Medical Examiner’s findings have come over a month after news reports stated that Joan passed away because of an unplanned biopsy that a private doctor executed on her vocal cords. She died on Sept. 4. The physician, Gwen Korovin, was not on the staff at the private clinic. Rivers’ only child, Melissa, has declared that she is allegedly going to sue Dr. Korovin.

A statement about Joan’s death was released and it told about how Rivers visited the clinic on Aug. 28. She went there to have an upper gastrointestinal endoscopy and a laryngoscopy. She was also given the drug propofol to place her under sedation in order to be able to give her an evaluation where they could detect changes in her voice. It was while she was there that Joan went into cardiac arrest and had to be taken to Mount Sinai Hospital. She was instantly put on life support but sadly she ended up dying about a week later after the event when she was taken off the life support machines.

The New Your State Health Department began an investigation into the Yorkville Clinic and the endoscopy they were doing on Rivers after she passed away. The clinic separated ways with the medical director it had, Dr. Lawrence Cohen, very soon after Rivers died. It was reported that the procedure started out as routine at the clinic, which is an outpatient center only. Supposedly a physician, who was unauthorized to complete procedures at the clinic, did a biopsy on the celebrity’s vocal chords. However, the center continues to constantly deny that there was any type of biopsy performed on Rivers. A spokesperson for the clinic has also explained that it would take an anesthesiologist to give anesthesia to a patient and  general anesthesia has not ever been given to any patients at the clinic.

Rivers was known as being a pioneer for comics everywhere, but mainly for females. The raspy sounding golden-haired woman who had the brash New York inflection had been on television as a talk show host. She had also performed as an actress of the stage, on television and film. She was a fashion critic, author and had her own brand of jewelry that she sold on TV as well.

Joan Rivers was one of a kind and it was such a tragedy that she died the way she did, to pass away because she was deprived of oxygen to her body as she was going through a medical procedure. It really is a tragic ending for such an amazing talent

By Kimberly Ruble


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