Kevin Durant Post Photos after Successful Surgery [VIDEO]

Oklahoma Thunder forward Kevin Durant took to Instagram to post pictures of his cast and crutches after successful foot surgery. The Thunder’s star fractured his right foot and is expected to be out for six to eight weeks. Durant complained his was foot “aching” to his team after practice. The Thunder took no chances and immediately sent their star for x-rays.

Durant was born Sept. 29, 1988 in Washington D.C. He is 6’ 9’’ and has played 8 seasons in the NBA. Durant has been very durable over his tenure, only missing 16 games. It is expected for him to miss the first month of the actual season. Durant wisely informed the Thunder medical staff when he felt something was not right. He could have ignored it or just iced the pain which could have compounded the issue. Sam Presti, Thunder GM, reflected on his player’s decision not to compete in the World Cup and believed the rest may have been beneficial for the player.

The Thunder announced Durant had suffered the Jones fracture, also known as a Dancer’s fracture. The injury, first described by Sir Robert Jones in 1902, is an injury to the base of the small toe. The team also said surgery would likely be required during their announcement. The safest bet is surgery to prevent re-occurrence. Durant will be sitting out a few dances while it heals. In the meantime, Kevin Durant posted photos of his cast and crutches after the surgery was successful. Presti stated no specific incident could be cited as having caused the player’s injury, seemingly it was due weakening over time. The injury is one a player can continue to play on but there is a risk of long-term damage.

The Thunder star has logged the most minutes of any player in the NBA since 2007. His withdrawal from USA Basketball team was due to him wanting to rest physically and mentally. Durant is the reigning MVP of the NBA, so it was good to see him taking the setback in stride. He tweeted “Successful surgery, thanks for all the prayers and concerns! Headed back to OKC. Move em,” on Thursday. The Star player certainly built his fan base after giving an emotionally stirring acceptance speech during the MVP Award ceremony. K.D. spoke of his teammates and stated the award really belonged to his mother. Emotional, he could not hold back the tears which made the event more humbling than celebratory.

Presti said Thunder management is considering a reduction of K.D.’s minutes this season. It is unclear exactly what will be done to lighten Durants’s load. He is the team leader and highest scorer. The medical staff will be monitoring the star’s progression and determining when he is ready to get back on the floor and for how long. Kevin Durant may not dance for a few weeks, but the photos posted kept fans abreast of the successful surgery. As a franchise player his value to OKC diminishes greatly if he returns too soon or has any major foot issues. As it is the Thunder are playing it very cautious and considering the players future and that of the organization. It is good to see K.D. in good spirits and other stars such as Kobe Bryant and Paul George wishing him well.

Commentary By Oliver L. Malcom, Jr.

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