Kevin Durant to Star in Documentary [Video]

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Kevin Durant (KD) will star in an upcoming HBO documentary, showcasing what Most Valuable Player life is like in the offseason. Durant is only 26 years old, but has won the NBA scoring championship multiple times, and won the MVP award last year following one of the greatest statistical offensive years the NBA has ever seen for one player. Durant has recently had surgery for a broken foot, and will likely miss the first few months of the season. The Oklahoma Thunder will have to cope in life without Durant, which could foreshadow the look of the Thunder after Durant’s free agency in 2016.

The Slim Reaper became the most recent major injured player in the NBA when news surfaced that he suffered a broken foot during practice and needed to have surgery. The MVP was coming off his best season in his young career, and had just walked away from international competition with Team USA to focus on his mental health and get some time to enjoy life. Durant said in a statement that he did not decide not to play as a reaction to Paul George’s broken leg, or to prevent himself from getting hurt. He had simply wanted to take some time to give his fans the best KD possible for the 2014-2015 season.

The NBA has had a number of big injuries to key players recently. Derrick Rose finally returns this year after missing most of the past two seasons with knee surgeries. Kobe Bryant had a major knee injury, playing less than half the season after returning from a major Achilles rupture the season prior. Rajon Rondo had a major ACL surgery, while KD’s teammate, Russell Westbrook, missed major minutes for the first time in his career, leading to Durant’s emergence as last year’s MVP. Indiana Pacers Forward George will miss the entire NBA season as he rehabilitates his broken leg, and KD will be missed on the court until his projected return in late December. With the NBA season starting, Durant’s documentary stardom will likely reach its height with the subject of the film wearing a suit on the sidelines instead of wearing his famous 35 numbered Oklahoma City jersey.

Durant’s documentary will be all about his tough workout regimen, the stresses that being a high-caliber athlete can bring, and life on and off the court. KD is known as a very laid back and somewhat quiet personality, so getting a behind the scenes look into the lifestyle may show some the true fire that burns within him to excel. A few topics expected to be covered are KD’s experience leading, then leaving, team USA, an upcoming free-agency, and a shoe deal with Under Armor that would have made LeBron James’ Nike deal look like chump change.

Durant will be missing for at least the first couple of months in the NBA season, so the release of his documentary may not be as impactful, as people can so quickly forget what greatness looks like when it is not broadcasted on their living room televisions every night. KD is going to star in his documentary next week, but he would be the first to tell fans that his future ambitions include NBA titles and MVP awards, not filmmaking. HBO will air The Offseason Nov. 4, 2014 at 10 PM Eastern.

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